Can’t Miss Social Media Tips

Time for another collection of tips. This time all related to social media.

Your profile picture matters! It’s often the first thing people will see and they will form an instantaneous opinion. If it’s too big and cut off, too small to see, too blurry or worse yet, it’s the default icon provided by the network, people are going to assume you are either lazy, incompetent or just don’t care about your presence online (in which case, why would they care about what you have to say?).  Take the time to get it right, even if it means sizing the image for the different networks. A nice smiling picture, eyes looking at the camera (and therefore appear to be looking at the person checking out your profile) usually gets the best response. Test some different images and see if they impact your results.

Use keywords and hashtags strategically in posts and bios to ensure that you get maximum exposure from your content.

Always strive to connect with people. Be real. Add value in every interaction. When possible/relevant, use people’s names (everyone’s favorite word is hearing their own name spoken).

You probably spend a lot of time creating your content and a lot of effort building your social media followers. When you share that great content, you want your followers to read it, like/share it and take some kind of action. Without a compelling headline you are kind of shooting yourself in the foot and killing the momentum before it even starts. You need to capture people’s attention and give them a reason to click to read your content. Spend as much time as you need to create the perfect headline. Need some help coming up with one? Check out the latest magazines on the newsstand. They’ve spent countless dollars testing headlines and they know what works. Take their formula and insert your content and watch those clicks increase.

Use Google+ Authorship tag so all your content is connected back to you. (More on that in future posts).

Make sure your social media presence is optimized. Ensure that bios/profiles are complete. Include clear, concise and compelling descriptionsof your business (along with your URL).  Be sure to include details on the benefits you deliver, get keywords in there (without compromising the quality of the text) and don’t forget a call to action. Consider driving traffic to a landing page with a specific offer, rather than just to your homepage. Stay on top of your housekeeping: check often to ensure that your information, logos and images up to date.

Use images, video and text in your posts. Keep things varied and interesting!

Build a list of people sharing quality content via social media and use them as a resource and a networking guide. Connect with anyone sharing good content and explore options for promoting each other’s stuff.

Create an action plan. Know what you want to accomplish and determine what steps you need to talk to get there.

Don’t lose site of the metrics. Check out what is and isn’t working and drop what isn’t work and find a way to expand what is working. It’s a myth that you can’t track data for social media.

Always respond to comments, questions, RTs, @ replies etc. You work hard to build your following, don’t destroy it by ignoring the questions, conversations and comments that people are engaging you in.

Do you have any social media tips that you want to add to this list? Please comment below to share your strategy.

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  1. Hey, Jennifer,

    I want to know something from you, let me know , how we can increase more traffic from social medias, actually i usually use Google plus and facebook for promotion even i have sufficient circle and friends but still i am not getting response from them. Plz

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Nice to meet you. I also like things related to social media, but honestly I’m not too good at increasing the income from social media. Although many people say it’s very nice, but it’s not for me.

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