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“Content is king,” SEOs, copywriters and search engines say. Content helps search engines decide relevance, helps bring visitors in and converts them into paying customers, avid readers and loyal followers. With something so important to your online business success, you want to make sure you’re putting out the right content. Not sure what that is? Read on…

What Is Interactive Marketing? Benefits and Examples

The idea of interactive marketing isn’t new. Marketers have been trying to solve the problem of marketing in the Information Age since TimBL invented the World Wide Web in 1989. Well, maybe a little later than that when HotWired sold AT&T $30,000 worth of banner ad space on their site for the first time ever. The point is, interactive marketing has been around since online ads have been around, and it's as important today as it was then. But why? What is it? Most importantly, what’s in it for you? (more…)

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Upgrading From 4 To The 7 Ps Of Marketing In Your Marketing Strategy

If you didn’t go through Marketing 101 in college and you’re new to the world of marketing, the concept of the 4Ps of Marketing are probably an unknown. The 4Ps are the foundation of marketing, which you probably use day in and day out, just by selling your product. -And yet, the 4Ps have evolved to include much more, becoming the 7Ps Marketing Mix. But what are these “Ps”, what do they have to do with your marketing strategy, and where’s the bottom line? (more…)

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The Power of Ephemeral Content Strategy (How to Keep Your Audience Hooked)

What is the definition of efficient marketing content? To say it in simple words, that would be an appealing and memorable image/video/text that is presented to the audience on multiple occasions in a long period of time. How does ephemeral content, one of the biggest digital marketing trends right now, fit into this story? Why would anyone want to invest effort into creating a marketing image that will vanish after a short time? Well, believe it or not, Forbes and many other reputable magazines, and professionals from the branch marked ephemeral content as one of the social media trends that will...

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How a Comprehensive SEO Campaign Raised Conversions 41%

At Level343, we know that the key to truly marketing a website online is more than just optimization. We've spoken about it time and again, and will continue to "ring the bell," but I'll say it again. It's not just where you put your efforts; how and how well you link them together make just as much of a difference the the welfare of your site. Do you blog? Then blog well, and in the right places. Do you have a social media campaign? Connect that social media campaign with your blogging efforts. Do you offer a newspaper, or white papers, or...

Your Website Isn’t a Fish and More Truths You Should Know

I recently inherited an aquarium with fish already established and thought, “Hey, this will be fun!” As a first-time tank owner, I didn’t realize how hard fish keeping actually is. After visiting fish forum after fish forum, I realized I’m not the only one who thought you just put fish in a jar of water and fed them every once in a while. Now I find myself feverishly testing the waters for bad minerals and compounds, tweaking the tank setup, doing water changes all the time and, in short, putting way too much time into a bunch of creatures...

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