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How Email Marketing Is Transforming With the Help of AI

Over the years, marketing strategies evolve to stay current with the times, and new technology emerges that changes the way you market to a client base.

Over the years, marketing strategies evolve to stay current with the times, and new technology emerges that changes the way you market to a client base. AI is one of those technologies, with the power to completely transform a company’s email marketing strategy. Its advanced automation helps with curating content that will ultimately engage consumers.


The idea that email is becoming outdated is actually a myth. Though texting and messaging on various platforms are fast ways to connect with co-workers or customers, email is still a professional method of communication. In fact, its usage is increasing — with 4.48 billion users by 2024, up from this year’s 4.14 billion users.

To properly capitalize on this vast number, your email marketing strategy must evolve with new AI capabilities. Typically, emails put an enterprise’s best foot forward, with sales, exciting news, special offers and any topics that pull people in. AI uses that tactic as its foundation and hones in on personalization.

Adding individual names is one subtle but necessary step for this personalization. When consumers get newsletters or email updates, you can draw their attention quickly when AI starts the letter with their names. It uses the existing email log to match them to receiving addresses, then adds this personal touch.

Beyond names, AI can optimize the content of the email itself based on personal preferences and interests. AI uses information from consumers — buying habits, engagement levels and shares — to pinpoint what they like about your enterprise. For example, a library can use this form of AI to promote a specific genre to someone who has historically checked out those types of books.

Sometimes, you need to take a step back and find a new way to approach your email strategy. In these instances, AI can help through content retargeting. This step allows the system to understand the current and potential consumer base, including demographics, and market to them individually from this new information.

Optimized Engagement

Alongside personalization, engagement is the other pillar of email marketing. Once the personalized aspects of the email pull readers in, the content must keep them there. The subject line is the first thing consumers see, and that is where to start.

If a subject line isn’t interesting or engaging, consumers may not give the email a second look. Finding something that draws most consumers in is a difficult feat. However, AI can see what the most engaging parts of your business have been. It takes sales, social media, products, services, marketing strategies into account and curates the ideal subject line for engagement.

Another way to draw people in is by presenting new or exciting information. AI software uses machine-learning algorithms to constantly evolve. With this ever-changing information, AI becomes a predictive tool for businesses. It can predict consumer trends based on current interests and spending habits. You can market the services or products in an email to build upon that excitement.

You’ll need to account for time zones when you send out your emails. It’s a subtle factor, but it makes a big difference. An AI system will parse out when readers engage the most. Based on that time, you know exactly when to send your emails.

As a last rule of thumb, evolving and experimenting are necessities. Trends change, and consumers follow different paths. To stay current, you can use AI for A/B testing. First, use the system to decide what consumers want to see. Then, test different themes, products, call-to-action (CTA) methods, copy styles and tones. It may surprise you to find what works best.

A New Form of Marketing

With these steps, a new style of email marketing emerges — AI. Artificial intelligence is here and ready to bring businesses of all kinds ahead in their field. Using it for emails will lead to success for your organization and knowledge for consumers.

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