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Stop User Paralysis! – 7 Timely Tips for Enhanced Website Usability

The website is at the very core of any worthwhile online marketing effort. Better website usability must take into account an acute understanding of problems different users may have to solve. The website is a powerful took that can sell 24/7. Or it can block sales 24/7.

Digital trends and practices are constantly changing. If your website is old and you feel it is time for an update, there are some basic things you can do to improve its operation that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Here are seven tips that can help your website to remain competitive and relevant.

1. Make better use of white space. There are some who complain about white space on their website. Some marketers even think that certain sections of white space are prime real estate for additional advertising.

Here is the reality. White space is sensible when following good design. It tends to make your content more readable while helping users focus more on the content that surrounds your text. The white space can increase a user’s attention by 20%. It also tends to make a website look fresh, clean, and transparent. Never forget that it is all about the user’s experience.

2. Make sure your page speed is on par. Evaluate any page speed using Google’s PageSpeed Insights. Have your developer use software that can enable file compression. This can help reduce the size of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files if they are larger than 150 bytes.

Look to remove unused code, commas, or spaces that are unnecessary. Use software like Photoshop that allows you to maintain control over image quality. Reduce unnecessary redirects to other pages. Be on the lookout for render-blocking JavaScript as well. Remind yourself to set a date for your browser cache. Browsers store a lot of information. Some developers set the timeframe for caching for a year and no longer.

3. Design pages and post content based on reading patterns. The way people read can determine how they actually browse websites. Eye-tracking studies on web pages indicate that people read in an “F” pattern.

4. CTAs do not get enough attention. The right words can inspire people to take actions and navigate your website with greater ease. Help guide them to what they want and the location on your site where they can find it. Your call to action buttons should also reflect insight on your behalf too. There is a psychology to color. Experiment with color variations and action messaging. With the right combination your site can experience an increase in clicks.

Choose the right action words that will excite the user to do something specific on your website. If there is no emotional connection with your call-to-action words, there will not be any actions taken. Make sure your words are bold and those that inspire action.

5. Never lose sight of the fact that headlines are the most reviewed element on any website page. In fact, headlines even rank over flashy images. The headline is what first gets a visitor’s attention. Studies do show that headlines outperform pictures by a significant margin. People will scan the first few words of a headline and make a decision if they want to read an article. Your headline has the initial lifespan of a single second before readers choose to read more or ignore the rest.

6. Pay attention to typography. Typography is something that many marketers pay little attention to. The fact is typography always plays an important role in the user experience. If your typography is off, you are going to lose business. According to studies, typography is one the most important elements in reading comprehension.

7. Of course, you definitely must optimize your website for mobile devices. It is still an amazing thing to land on websites that are not optimized for local search. Mobile use has grown by leaps and bounds, and it shows no signs of slowing down. People are on the move, and they look for products and information right where they are at any given moment. By 2021, mobile commerce may account for up to 75% of the Ecommerce market.

If your website is lacking in any of the above areas, then it is never too late to work with professionals who can help get your online operation up to speed. Find the right digital marketing agency that can help your company with digital marketing solutions while you focus on running your business.

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