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Four Steps to SEO

Four Steps to SEO. It's amazing how many people and companies send you their clever copy boasting about getting you higher rankings on Google.

To say you know how to write SEO vs.Writing SEO is another fish story. It’s amazing how many people and companies send you their clever copy boasting about getting you higher rankings on Google. Here is the truth, 2 things will get you ranked high on Google. Links and SEO copy, period. Basically the keywords will alert the search engines of what you do and the links on your page will show their importance. After all one word can surmise what the search engine looks for “relevance”.

I am sure you all have the plethora of information on how you can incorporate your keywords in the body of your article. From the Meta tags in your copy to the verbiage used in your HTML. Consider the Meta tags as road signs showing the search engine the way. Therefore make sure you use those tags in the body of your article.

However Google search engines are catching on to all these “tricks of the trade”. The basic skinny on this is to use your keywords within your article as much as you can without sounding like an advertisement or a blundering idiot. The question is how can you write copy without compromising your copy?

Here are some simple steps you should take into consideration including spend a coupe of hours a day giving your webpage a facelift. Remember people aren’t stupid they want to read something of interest therefore make sure what you have to say is of interest.

Step #1 page category.
Sit down and figure out a structure to your page. If you already have a site up you may need to re-work your copy, but try to offer benefits around your keywords. Print out your pages and find the keywords or phrases and then label them as such.

Step #2 Do some homework on what the user is searching for.
It’s apparent your competitor knows what words to use since they are on the top of the heap. Don’t be shy look at their keywords. If you want there are several websites that offer free word tacking analysis or some may even offer a free trial. Use them, place your keywords and track them. Simple enough, I have always said you copy from one its plagiarism you copy from many its research. Just make sure you see the results and what is said about each keyword you are using.

Step #3 Pick out the most relevant keywords.
Don’t over do it. Don’t keep using the same keywords over and over again. Either use a variation of those keywords or use them in a phrase. For example Lingerie can be used with words like sexy lingerie or lingerie for special occasions. Basically you are still using the keyword Lingerie but you are not focusing on that specific word.

Step #4 word Specific and phrases with links to your keywords.
This may be the most important bit of information I can give you. Use your links with your keywords. Keep it in your website obviously maybe link it to another page on your website where that keyword is being used. Don’t over do it. Good luck and come again tomorrow where I will give you more tips and tricks on how to slowly go up the ranking page.

One more tips about getting higher page ranking is to get good back links, below is a place I have found to be fair and honest about their link backs.

USA Web Sites: Nationwide and state by state directories for USA Web Sites.

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