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Great Tools for Monitoring Your Social Media Efforts

We’ve been battling social media tools for years, waiting for the right one to come about. With social media becoming more popular each day, it would be foolish to ignore the impact it can have on your business. -And if we’re going to put time into social marketing, we want a tool that makes it easy to monitor our social footprint, manage our social footprint, and analyze the depth of print on our chosen social platform.

Why should you monitor social media?

There are several reasons social media monitoring is important. Brand sentiment and finding brand advocates are two of them, but one very obvious reason is to see how your social marketing campaigns are doing. Knowing how responsive your audience is to your posts will allow you to make adjustments and to get the most from your efforts.

Although some business owners try to track their social media campaigns manually, doing so can be difficult and time-consuming. Spending so much time analyzing the impact you have on your prospective customers can prevent you from working on other projects that are vital to your success.

As it turns out, there are some Chrome extensions for social marketing, and there are platforms like HootSuite and PostPlanner that make it easier to get the word out, but there’s still no “one size fits all” social tool. However, there are many automated tools available that you can use to monitor how the public responds to your business and your social marketing, making you that much more productive.

Social Mention

When you want to enhance the effectiveness of your social media marketing, Social Mention is a great tool. It allows you to track each time your business has been mentioned and how often people are talking about your brand. But to improve your products and services in the best possible way, you must learn whether your customers are happy with them and what they would like to see improved. That is why Social Mention also tracks whether each mention was related to positive or negative comments.


If you don’t wish to leave money on the table, then don’t leave out any of the popular platforms. PinAlerts is a social media tracker that focuses exclusively on Pinterest, and it tracks the number of times people pin from your website or blog. Using these alerts, instantly engage with people who are already fans of your business and start building relationships with them.


Mention is another great tool, and it offers the added benefit of getting email notifications each time a certain keyword or phrase is mentioned online. In addition to social media, it will also track each time your business is mentioned on forums, blog posts and more. That will enable you to respond to any questions or concerns your audience might have about your business, products or services.


It’s now time to take a look the next tool on the list: Talkwalker. It has many of the same features as the other social media tools, but it has an additional benefit. With Talkwalker, you can specifically search for influencers that have mentioned your business.

If they are not happy with your product, you can ask them why and take steps to correct the problem. Getting industry influencers to support your business will significantly increase your sales and profitability. Also, you will receive access to demographic data regarding your brand mentions, such as location and gender.


Final Thoughts

Reaching out to those who are already interested in your business is one of the most effective types of marketing. Many of these people are on the fence about making a purchase, and you can use this opportunity to answer any questions and turn them into buyers.

Pleasing customers who frequently use social media will likely inspire them to share your posts with their followers, providing additional exposure. It is possible to do it on your own, but using one (or several… or all) of these social media tools will significantly optimize your efficiency.

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