Guide to Online Marketing

Your Guide to Online Marketing

“Online marketing” is a fairly broad term. It covers many methods, avenues and channels. In short, if you’re using the internet to spread awareness about your brand, products, or services, it counts as marketing online. Without expertise, however, it can be difficult to determine what direction you should be taking. Basics Break Down The six basic categories of online marketing are: Search Engines - Search engine marketing, whether paid or SEO, targets the visitor actively searching for information. Content - Content marketing supports the visitor after the search, engaging their interest and providing desired information. Social Media - Social media allows...

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10 Lead Generation Strategies That Really Work

Last week we started a series in lead generation for the non-marketer. If you're still wondering what lead generation is and how it works, check back to the first post in the series, Lead Generation: Learn What Marketers Already Know. I gave an example, briefly, of how lead generation works and a common strategy used. In this post, I'll cover 10 examples that really work to bring in leads. (more…)

A Lemur talks lead generation

Lead Generation: Learn What Marketers Already Know [Series]

Lead generation is the act of identifying and attracting qualified prospects, then building them into paying customers. In this first installation of a new Level343 online marketing series, you'll learn how lead generation works, how to identify and qualify a lead, and start on the path to find out what it takes to turn attraction into conversion.

An Indepth Guide to Preferred Landing Pages: Build, Market and Test

If you’ve had an online business for long, chances are you’ve heard of landing pages. You might picture a page with smiling testimonials, big letters and dollar amounts crossed off showing you how good a deal you have if you BUY NOW. There’s a lot more to landing pages, however. In this article, we’ll cover a lot of information, so strap yourselves in and come along for the ride! What IS a Landing Page? It’s More Than You May Think It’s easy to think of the above type of landing page and leave it at that, especially if you’re relatively new...

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Service Cloud

How to Build a Knowledge Base Designated for Customer Service

Knowledge base represents a database which is used for storing information, as well as sharing and editing it, among other options. The base is being stored online, on a server, a property that carries its own perks. Now, a service cloud knowledge base can be used for many things, like sharing company documents among employees, or offering customer service solutions. For instance, you can create a help wiki, with all the questions and answers that would serve the customers to help them find solutions to their problems. Even better, with a search option, browsing through the knowledge base would be...

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