How to Use GitHub to Simplify Salesforce org Deployment

GitHub is a popular collaborative environment in coding projects, which allows you to easily follow projects, to see who has branched the main branch/code, and to keep tabs on what other GitHub users are working on. It allows you to sync Metadata from platforms like It is used alongside other tools in Salesforce deployment. Most Salesforce users will tell you that Salesforce deployment is not easy. A lot of time is spent and the process is error-prone, and this is made worse if you are deploying to multiple environments. A typical Salesforce deployment involves: Modify the main code ...

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Beginner’s Guide to the SEO Checklist

You need a SEO checklist - the optimizer's To Do List - just to keep track of what's been done and what hasn't. It's no longer the 1990’s, business owners. Never mind the days of keyword stuffing, article spinning and directory lists. Optimization has become far more involved. I'm a firm believer that every process should be mapped out. It makes it easier to keep track. This is why we're sharing a trimmed down version of our own SEO checklist. At the end of the Guide, you'll have the opportunity to download a version to keep. Or, you can download now,...

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