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How to Boost your SEO Campaigns Using Google AdWords

Boosting your SEO Campaigns using Google AdWords can serve as an important tool in your marketing efforts.

For most online marketers, Google AdWords is the widely used Pay Per Click advertisement strategy. Used appropriately, this avenue can generate massive traffic to one’s site. In addition to achieving paid traffic, Google AdWords can also be used as a key strategy for stepping up SEO campaigns. For someone who is into both marketing strategies, you have so much more to gain than ever before. How then can one utilize AdWords to achieve SEO dominance?

Avenue for Keyword Search

You don’t prefer to have been in the SEO industry daydream enough to gets through one head the substance of keywords in track engine optimization. A marketer who has his ways mutually keywords might have as readily found his way over to the topmost crowning touch of SEO success. Appropriate act with regard to of the comeuppance keywords puts you a while ago of the game. Where before does one get what is coming to one these keywords That is where Google AdWords comes in. Among the multiple options available, Google AdWords Keyword Tool has proved a better alternative for netting the appropriate keywords.

The application is simple to use and that gives it an upper hand. To generate a global search volume to be used for SEO, simply enter your site’s URL. Alternatively, you can slot in some seed keywords and have the system generate a whole bunch of relevant keywords to be used by your site.

Notably, you do not have to use all the keywords. Simply focus on particular keywords for which you might rank well. How do you narrow down to end up with this list? Finding easily optimized words with decent search volume is an easy feat. Simply go to Google and type the different words, taking note of the web results for each of them. Divide the global search volume with the obtained number of web results for every keyword. This result gives you the competition ratios of the various words with the one having the highest ratio being the easiest to optimize. You will have ended up with the ideal keywords for use in your content.

Essential Tool for Geo-Targeting

It is no secret that SEO is getting more localized with each growing day. Using Google AdWords can be critical in ensuring this insight works for you. Simply bid traffic for various geographical locations where your product is likely to sell. With the use of Google Analytics, one can easily find out the conversion rates for different locations. Undoubtedly, there will be variations in terms of conversions for various regions.

Having known the regions that guarantee the best market for your product, you can intensify your SEO campaigns in such areas. It is easier to localize your campaign efforts if you have an idea of the ideal areas to target. Even more, you can go ahead and create local pages for such areas using the geo-specific words in their content. You will save yourself the risk of blindly investing in SEO campaigns in geographical locations that might not be worth it.

Assessing Tool for SEO Keywords

SEO results are often long term; that fact is indisputable. Similarly, finding out possible faults can also take that long. For instance, realizing the bounce rates of particular keywords with SEO might take you up to one year to identify. You need sufficient statistics to conclude that a certain keyword does not work well for your SEO campaigns. Unfortunately, such metrics do not build overnight. With Google AdWords, however, the case is different. Launching AdWords campaigns can help you find out the less effective keywords in less than one week. With this knowledge, you wouldn’t have to do organic SEO for such keywords. Concurrently running SEO and AdWords puts you in a better place to use AdWords metrics in boosting SEO results.

Increase CTR the easier way

At the end of the day, all that matters is the conversion rates. How effective are the campaigns? Are they bearing fruit or is it worthless to pursue them? With your current search engine rankings, you can use Google AdWords to enhance your Click Through Rates. SEO campaign goes beyond ranking perfectly for a given keyword and having increased traffic to your site. Everyone aims at monetizing their traffic and that’s where Google AdWords proves critical. Marketing online using Google AdWords can easily get you the winning combination of title and description. Using this information, you can easily alter the title and description for your site’s pages and drive greater traffic your way. In the end, you would also have increased your organic searches.

Where SEO Meets Google AdWords

When it comes to quick lead results, there is no doubt that Google AdWords will get you the numbers. They are more visible to many people depending on how you step up your campaigns. Notably however, the effects might not last for long. Their results might fade away as quick as they come. That cannot be said about search engine optimization. Unlike the other, its results are long term although they might take much time for them to materialize. To get lasting results and increase ROI in the long term, one can use Google AdWords quick results to fix SEO woes. That means running them side by side without necessarily making one independent of the other. Which use of keywords and title give the best combination? Which keywords have greater bounce rates? Getting precise answers for such questions might take SEO a couple of years. The same cannot be said about Google AdWords. For someone who sees far beyond increasing the traffic and ranking higher in search engines within a short time, integrating the two is the way to go.

More than an Advertising Tool

With appropriate usage, Google AdWords can serve as an important tool to many people and not only advertisers. Many SEO experts who have realized the essence of this valuable tool have taken greater steps in boosting the search engine rankings for their clients. Why should you be an exception?

Author Bio: A data IT professional, Sujain Thomas enjoys writing about field IT topics, such as database administration services. She works with remote DBA experts, providing DBA services and solving clients’ data problems.


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