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12 Ways to Promote a Product

Wondering how to promote a product for increased sales? Are your conversions less than optimized? Here are 12 ways you can use to boost sales.

No matter what your business model or industry, competition is fierce in an increasingly digital environment. That means crafting a marketing strategy that’s forward thinking and innovative enough to set your business apart from the crowd. In turn, that means finding news ways to promote a product.

Introducing a new product on the market or adding to an existing line needn’t be a hit-or-miss proposition. Here are an even dozen marketing ideas that will help you promote your product line and build your brand.

1. Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the number one way that businesses engage with established customers and leads alike. It’s easy to build a subscriber list through your website or blog. Even brick-and-mortar shops can connect with their customers via email. Just offer to sign them up for a newsletter that keeps them up-to-date on new releases, discounts, promotions, and special offers at checkout.

2. Engage Via Social Media

Social media will continue to be a great way to reach new audiences and stay in touch with customers on a more personal level. Visual platforms like InstaGram are better than print ads because viewers have the opportunity to see products in action, comment, and share.

You can also promote through lifestyle or how-to video on YouTube and launch contests and giveaways on Twitter or Facebook. Sponsored ads on Facebook cost as little as $3 dollars to target specific audience segments who are more likely to purchase your products, and you’ll get a great ROI.

3. Get More Local Customers Through Google My Business

In addition to greater visibility through strategic SEO, Google offers business owners several free resources that are great for branding and business building. Google My Business allows you to meet customers halfway by leveraging a platform and name that consumers trust before they visit your website to buy.

All you have to do is claim the Google My Business spot for your company and fill out your profile completely. The search giant allows business owners to create and promote posts about new products, upload and display featured product images, and add value through FAQs and other helpful customer care resources.

4. Offer Customers Exclusive Access

Everyone loves to feel special and valued. You can impart that sense of exclusivity and build brand loyalty through VIP access to activities like live online launch parties, invitation-only product launches, customer loyalty programs, or guest access behind the scenes.

5. Start a Contest

Everyone loves a good contest. They’re fun, exciting, and they help create interest. The contest can range from choosing a name for the new mascot to selecting a new flavor for a snack food or color for a new item of apparel.

Combine the contest with your social media outreach to build momentum through methods like initiating countdowns to the big event or providing updates, and make selecting the winner an online event.

6. Increase Sales With In-Store Promotions

How do you upsell customers when they’re in your store browsing? With in-store promotions and instant sales or discounts. These can be advertised on-site, through SMS, or in-store announcements.

Wondering how to get them in the shop to begin with? Shoot email subscribers an exclusive offer or special discount. Make sure that you make the offer for a limited time to add urgency.

7. Host an Event

Open houses and Grand openings are a tried and true way to get traffic in the door. Use all of your marketing platforms to drum up interest and draw foot traffic by creating a festive, party-like atmosphere that will attract attention.

8. Create a Gift Guide

Go beyond the typical online catalog or product gallery by creating a gift guide. Pair items, offer suggestions for special occasions or relationships, or provide suggestions based on past purchases or current browsing patterns.

9. Leverage the Power of Customer Reviews

Studies show that people trust the advice of friends and existing customers over paid sponsors or ads. In fact, most consumers look at customer reviews before visiting a website or store. When you make a sale, encourage customers to leave a review and add customer testimonials to your website. Neutralize any negative reviews by addressing them promptly and publicly.

10. Provide Added Value

People love to get a free upgrade or extra item with purchase. Whenever possible, add value to each sale. Sneak reviews of new products and free trials of premium services are other ways to add value. Free samples are a perpetual winner any day.

11. Become a Guest Blogger

Looking to expand your reach or break into a new market? Try guest blogging on a website for a complimentary product or service. For example, you can promote your new skin care line by blogging about skin care or anti-aging on a wellness blog. This gets your eyes in front of new potential customers and demonstrates your authority

12. Tell a Story

Whether it’s a home or a lifestyle brand, customers love to see themselves in your product. Help them visualize by telling a relatable story that ties them directly to your brand. Think of those emotional coffee commercials they always have around Christmas or Nike ads that make you feel compelled to “Just Do It”, whatever “it” is.

Final Thoughts

When you know how to market a product right, your business can do well in virtually any economy. But, you don’t have to go it alone. If you need a little direction to create a marketing campaign that speaks to your audience, a consultation with an SEO expert can give you a fresh perspective on your options.

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