Plenty of people will sell you this fantastic dream, without really telling you how to do it. Does it drive you crazy? We Break it down and give you the good, band & the ugly of this evolutionary movement.

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What’s Your Social Media Reach?

The length of your organic social media reach (AKA digital social reach) is critically important. But many marketers and companies make the mistake of assuming their presence should abound everywhere, and on every social media venue. Unfortunately, this is not always the case; the manpower and time involved are wasted. Since your audience is not on every social media platform, why waste the energy? There are ways to get more information about your target market. 1. Ask your audience questions you need answers to. Call, conduct a survey, or send an email. Making contact also keeps your customers engaged. 2. Gain additional...

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What Makes Social Selling a Success?

Future Trends & Factors That Make Social Selling A Success Or A Failure

Getting social sales results can be a confusing proposition without proper insight. There isn't necessarily a clear-cut map to what makes your social selling a success. So, then, what makes or breaks social selling efforts?

Understanding Social Selling Activities

Understanding Key Social Selling Activities

Each piece of the social machine works together almost seamlessly; marketing and selling socially are regularly lumped into the same social media category. To be successful at social selling, it is important to remember some key factors that separate sales from other social media tactics.

Social Proofing: The Thumbs Up for Business

Do You Really Need Social Proof?

Many companies spend a lot of resources on SEO to increase traffic for greater profits, and I'd be the first to say that's a worth while endeavor. I believe every website needs at least rudimentary optimization. However, while SEO is an important element in marketing, sometimes traffic isn't the problem. Sometimes you need more call to actions, or a different content focus, or your design. It's crucial to know exactly what your site's issues are, as well as who you're trying to reach if you're going to have a successful campaign. Rather than focus on SEO alone, it's important to...

Copywriting, Content Development and Strategies

Copywriting and content development are often used interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing. They don't, and it's important to know the difference.

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