Plenty of people will sell you this fantastic dream, without really telling you how to do it. Does it drive you crazy? We Break it down and give you the good, band & the ugly of this evolutionary movement.

Tweet Heart

Twitter Et All

(Editors update: on some of the Twitter tools I did not want to list... they now seem as important as ever. We wrote 5 posts on over 160 Twitter tools) Since I have been on Twitter I have seen the oddest widgets and gadgets popping up. Sure - give me more bookmarks and reasons to have a long list!  Not. Look - you have to be conscientious and proactive when dealing with a new Social networking outlet.  I should know; I work on the Internet.  We try, and sometimes are quite successful, at new software, gadgets and media.  With that said,...



These three acronyms, SEM/SEO/PPC can make all the difference to the staying power of your online business. They stand for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and are the true backbone of online business.

Building Links

Clicks to Your Website: An In-depth Review of Link Building Methods

Links are a good way to raise your Google rankings, bringing clicks to your website.  How many links you need depends on your key phrase competition (the number of sites using the same key phrase) and the quality of those links. To get an idea of how many links your website requires to raise your rankings, look at the top 10 ranking sites on Google and record how many links Yahoo notes for each; Google doesn't display all the links a site has.  The average link count will give you a good indication of many you will need. The number one...

SEO Tools
SEO Tools

Using Keywords in Search Engine Marketing

SEO was unknown not too long ago. It used to be that when you wanted to earn via the Internet, all you had to do was create and publish a website, whether a real site or a blog. Oh, at its inception, blogging was not common, and sites on the Internet usually contained advertisements for goods for sale as well as articles for general knowledge. . As the Net grew, the methods by which one could earn grew proportionately. One current method is direct advertising, much like that done on radio and television. Here, articles directly refer to websites, or...

SEO is Dead

Does SEO Have a Future

Since its inception, the SEO industry has been going through turbulence like a flight amidst bad weather.  Although it’s too early to speculate about its safe landing, the future certainly remains a focus of debate and concern.  Why? Due to the increase of consultants and proven companies, the newbies and an ever-growing competition for survival have introduced certain loopholes that seem to spoil the party.  With the advent of outsourcing, clients in the west are looking to save their bucks by hiring amateur SEO professionals that misquote peanuts for a job requiring time and good investment. Using black hat strategies, these...

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