Ways to Make Your Website More Interactive

When it comes to marketing your business, there is nothing more important than a stable online presentation. However, having a website that promotes your services and explains your company’s core values won’t make the cut. Not anymore. It might have been enough some time ago, however, things have changed. No matter the industry, the market is quite competitive, and more than it seems. That is why you need to think about ways to make your website more interactive. Why? Well, getting your potential customers on your website is good and can serve a purpose, but if people don’t understand your message, they are most likely to leave. And that is something you will want to avoid at all costs. Getting people to notice your website was hard enough. Once you get them there, you will want to do everything that is in your power to keep them interested. Keep on reading and learn more about the ways to make your website more interactive!

Why do you need people interacting with your website?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple. You want to sell a product. And in order to do so, you will tell your clients a story. A story that promotes your products, services, core values and everything else that comes with them. It is not just about selling a product; it is about satisfying each and every need your client might have. And the easiest way to do so is by asking your potential customers what they are looking for. It is as simple as that. However, asking the right question at the right time… well, that is a whole other story. You need to get your potential clients to trust you. And your website. They need to feel safe and cared about. And when it comes to feeling like someone actually cares, there is nothing that can help you more than a well-designed website. On the other hands, thoughtful design can’t work wonders on its own. You will need to establish a connection with your website’s visitors. How to do that? By making your website more interactive. Here is what needs to be done.

Make your potential customers included

The easiest way to establish a relationship with your customers is by gaining their trust and interest. And that is something that is hard to master. However, there are some things you can do that will help you accomplish this goal. Your website visitors need to feel valued. Like their opinion matters. At the end of the line – it really does. Getting some feedback will help you gather data that you can use in the future in order to improve your services, products or even your marketing strategy. So, you have a question for your customers? Ask away! There is no need to be shy! Here is what you can do:

Ratings and testimonials

Gaining trust isn’t easy. And doing it online is even harder than in real life. These people that are looking to buy your service know nothing about you. So, how can they trust you? There is one simple way to prove your worth online. And that is by gathering reviews and testimonials. They will help you not only gain trust from your potential buyers, but they will also make your website more interactive. People like to be asked for their opinion, and most of them are more than happy to provide you with it. It is a win-win situation.

Quizzes and polls

Another thing you can implement on your website in order to boost user experience and make your website more interactive than it was before is different quizzes and polls. These tools (easily installed plugins) are highly valuable for two reasons. First, you will once again be able to gain insight from your customers. What is it that they like about your products? What should be changed a bit? Ask all the right questions and you will get all the right answers. And even more importantly – you will get honest ones. Secondly, you can add a reward system to your quizzes. And before you start thinking about financial aspects of this tactic, remember one thing – nothing makes a website more interactive than offering something in exchange.

Social media buttons are becoming more and more important

We all use different social media networks on a daily basis. Your customers do too. In order to promote your business, you need to add content to your blog section. Quality content. In order to increase your website user experience, you need to add different features to your homepage. So, why not share it? And even better – why not let your buyers share it on their platforms? This way you will make your website more interactive, gain new followers, reach out to more new potential buyers and get some free marketing. All at once. And who doesn’t like that? We sure do!

Be visual

Yes. People love well-designed websites. They are organized, beautiful and easy to use. They also make us feel safe, and we all know how important this aspect is when it comes to digital marketing. On the other hand, people don’t really enjoy reading long articles. They want it all, here and now. And the best way to present something new and informative is through pictures. It all comes down to catching your visitor’s attention.  What can be done? Add info-graphics to your blog posts. Make your content easy to read and understand. Explain everything through diagrams and graphs. Of course, nicely designed ones.

In the end, all you have to do is to be creative. There are many tools, plugins, and ways to make your website more interactive. However, there is no better tactic than actually listening to your clients and their needs.

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