The Key to Great Content

People like getting wowed – and that is exactly what they are looking for when skimming through content online. In essence, the key to your target customers’ heart is through great content. Seeing the current trends, content marketing seems to be going headstrong and steady. Naturally, it is a viable marketing investment you’d like to make this year (if you haven’t done that already!).

So what is it that makes it possible to create great compelling content? Here are a few pointers that will help you rise above competition and get noticed.

What Wows Your Customers? 

Nothing delights a customer more than finding the precise answers to their questions – right there! So before you can pick a topic to create great content, you need to identify what your customers need. Are there any particular topics trending with your customers? Are there any questions that your customers are asking but don’t really have a satisfactory answer to? Well, this is what you need to be targeting!

You can get ideas by communicating with your clients. Look out for the questions they are asking on your platform or otherwise. One-on-one conversations can also work wonders when it comes to gaining valuable insights about your target customers. Find a suitable medium to reach out to your customers and get involved. It is not necessarily an easy task but it is surely rewarding in the big picture!

What is your colorThe Tone of Your Message

While you are at it, keep the tone conversational and informative. People don’t like being talked down to, nor do they appreciate having an opinion imposed on them. You need to create content taking care not to come off as a biased opinion/review. At the same time, you need to keep part of the mystery intact – why would anyone want to read a book if they already know what’s going to happen in it? The tone you use in your content goes a long way in deciding how your customers will respond.

What’s Driving Traffic to Your Website?

Alternatively, another way to excite your customers is to keep an eye on what’s driving traffic to your website. Have you recently covered something that people really like? It is time to monetize it! Find several methods and platforms to share this. From changing the way you present your content to a video, or a downloadable .pdf, and even a Vimeo short. If it’s great then share and re-share it, it may become viral.

Encourage people to spread the word by giving them valuable incentives. It can be in the form of how this will help them achieve their goals, sometimes the word “free” can backfire but be creative – anything that helps them see a fair bargain. Moreover, create more content with the same theme but with a different perspective. That’ll help you attract more attention.

What you already have is just as important as what you intend to build; always keep that in mind!

The Bottom Line

Creating great content is of no use if it fails to generate leads or does not benefit your business in any way. You should never let your business objectives go out of sight. The key to great content is that it’ll promote your cause. It’s a win- win. In the end, make sure your efforts are streamlined. Tracking and measuring every piece of digital media connected to your efforts will ensure you hone your skills at getting it right.

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