Live Search is it all its cut out to be? No


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Recently, Live Search has updated their set of rules that includes:

1. The Live search recently asked sites owners to have their keywords mainly in domain as well as sub-domain names. According to some SEO consultants, this is very useful for site owners to get a high PR for their web sites. However, the only drawback is that spammers can misuse this tactic.

2. Live search says that small text content is strong enough to get good page rank. As this contradicts with Microsoft’s intention to offer related search results, many people believe that authoritative and relevant sites have lots of content. Hence, this remains to be assured whether this tactic will work better or not.
3. The spam filters of Microsoft are highly susceptible to high keyword densities of web content pages than any other search engines. Hence, MSN supposed that erring with care and adhering to low keyword density would provide better results for their search engine results.
4. Currently, Live search engine places more emphasis on the newsworthy relevance of web site content for rating those web sites. Hence, web site owners need to ensure themselves that their content is highly pertinent to their web site and that their web site in the top list.

5. Simple code applies for all search engines, but Live search seems to reply far better than any other search engines, if the web site code is well written with a clear structure.

6. Live search presently is not very perceptive with respect to the quality of inward links to a web site. This implies that there are numerous cases of web site ratings being improved by huge number of low quality inward links. In addition, this appears to favor for those spammy search results and hence, this rule may not continue for a long time.Overview

As compared to Yahoo and Google, the Live search is slightly immature that means that people can expect more changes in the algorithm of Live in the years to come. Hence, there is no need to worry about the present changes in the algorithm of Live search. Instead, SEO specialists and SEO service providers state that it is wise to use common sense when it comes to search engine optimization

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Live Search is it all its cut out to be? No