Improving your online store's bounce rate

How to Reduce Your Online Store’s Bounce Rate to Improve Sales

Does your online store have a high bounce rate? Having a high bounce rate is one of the biggest e-commerce conversion killers. If most users abandon your site as soon as they land on it, then you can't convert them into subscribers or customers. However, you might have a difficult time accepting the fact that having a high bounce rate means there is something about your online store people do not like. You love your website so much that you do not know why people can’t think or feel the same way towards it. There’s nothing to worry, though, as we are...

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connections showing the many ways you can promote a product

12 Ways to Promote a Product

No matter what your business model or industry, competition is fierce in an increasingly digital environment. That means crafting a marketing strategy that's forward thinking and innovative enough to set your business apart from the crowd. In turn, that means finding news ways to promote a product. Introducing a new product on the market or adding to an existing line needn't be a hit-or-miss proposition. Here are an even dozen marketing ideas that will help you promote your product line and build your brand. (more…)

Digital Marketing Funnel

The New Sales Funnel and How to Make it Work for You

Funnels. They're great for pouring large amounts of liquid into small openings without making a mess. Sales funnels work the same way as their culinary counterparts. You lure as many people as you can into one end and hope some of them pour out of the other as loyal, long-time customers without too much loss. That's no way to treat the people you value. There's a new way of approaching lead conversion. Life-cycle marketing is based upon identifying where each member of your audience is in their journey and meeting them there. It's more of a process than a funnel. Why...

A person looking through a video camera

Video Drives eCommerce Sales, and It’s Not as Expensive as You Might Think

Video is the most compelling medium for showcasing eCommerce products. Text explains the benefits of a product. Images capture a shopper’s attention and create an emotional connection. But only video harnesses words, images, and sound, a combination that delivers an abundance of creative possibilities resulting in longer engagement. But many eCommerce retailers approach video with hesitation. Videos are more difficult and expensive to produce and edit than images. Video files can be large and potentially expensive to upload and host. However, there is ample evidence that well-produced videos are worth the cost. In this article, we’re going to look at why...

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marketing message

Does Your Marketing Message Leave A Bad Taste?

I recently went to an airshow to watch planes scream down the runway. It was fantastic - death-defying feats of aerial acrobatics right before our eyes! Wow! I didn't mind the crowds or the burning sun, but what sticks out in my mind is the food. Now, those who know me are already asking me, "Alright Lacy, where's the marketing lesson?" Of course, you know there has to be one. (more…)

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