Email connects you to people; email marketing is how you connect your company with those people.

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What Are Email Whitelists, and How Do I End Up in Them?

As a digital marketer, you likely spend a lot of time on emails. You agonize over the content and colors, trying to find the ideal combination that will increase engagement. You check and double-check links, ensuring the user experience is seamless. After all your hard work, the last thing you want is your email to end up in the spam folder. Marketers rely on whitelists to get their emails seen. With smart email clients like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook, promotional or suspicious-looking content may never meet the eyes of the intended user. (more…)

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4 Reasons NOT To Use URL Shortening Services

Like many of you, I’ve used automated short URLs for years. URL shortening services such as,, and have long been a part of my social toolbox. -And now that there’s such a push for having shorter URLs anyway, it seems kind of… anti-marketing… to stop in my tracks now and say, “Waaaait a minute,” but I’m doing it anyway. Yes, I’m reconsidering the use of URL shorteners.

Product Placement

Placement: Where Does Your Product Belong in the Marketing Mix?

So far in our marketing mix series, I've talked about selling your products, promoting your products, and choosing the right price for your product's target market.  Today, I'm going to finish up with the last of the 4 P's marketing mix by talking about placement. Strategies created for the marketing mix center on the best ways of getting the product to the end user. Placement concerns itself with getting a product to a consumer at just the right place and right time. It involves effective distribution as well. Good and Bad Product Placement There is both good and bad product placement....

Digital Marketing

Understanding Digital Marketing: 6 Services Businesses Should Consider

Search engine optimization is no longer an option. A modern business must fight tooth and nail to stay in the game so that visitors will find their pages during a search. As a business, you have to have some SEO tools in place to stay afloat because millions of similar businesses exist, and they have websites, too. The following are six of the top SEO services that all businesses, including yours, must have to survive: 1. Keyword Implementation Keyword building, tweaking and implementation is crucial because it will cause you to have an increased amount of organic traffic. Organic traffic is...

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Email Marketing

Mapping Out the Buyer’s Journey with B2B Email Marketing

Over a hundred billion emails are sent and received daily. Emails also happen to be the most common form of communication businesses use to reach out to customers, including other businesses that may be in need of their products or services. The potential impact of a well-planned email marketing campaign becomes clear when you consider the journey the buyer takes from the time they're first contacted until a conversion is made. Putting Yourself in the Buyer's Shoes The typical B2B consumer is anywhere from 65 to 90 percent through the purchase cycle before they even contact a particular business. Assume recipients...

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