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Email connects you to people; email marketing is how you connect your company with those people.

4 Reasons NOT To Use URL Shortening Services

Like many of you, I’ve used automated short URLs for years. URL shortening services such as,, and have long been a part of my social toolbox. -And now that there’s such a push for having shorter URLs anyway, it seems kind of… anti-marketing… to stop in my tracks now and say, “Waaaait a minute,” but I’m doing it anyway. Yes, I’m reconsidering the use of URL shorteners.

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Placement: Where Does Your Product Belong in the Marketing Mix?

So far in our marketing mix series, I've talked about selling your products, promoting your products, and choosing the right price for your product's target market.  Today, I'm going to finish up with the last of the 4 P's marketing [...]

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Understanding Digital Marketing: 6 Services Businesses Should Consider

Search engine optimization is no longer an option. A modern business must fight tooth and nail to stay in the game so that visitors will find their pages during a search. As a business, you have to have some SEO [...]

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Mapping Out the Buyer’s Journey with B2B Email Marketing

Over a hundred billion emails are sent and received daily. Emails also happen to be the most common form of communication businesses use to reach out to customers, including other businesses that may be in need of their products or [...]

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