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International Marketing

You want your international marketing efforts to give the best results for your global business. Learn how to find your voice, community and localized market.

5 Steps for Improving SEO for International Audiences

Expanding overseas can be tough. It can be all the more difficult if you don’t first consider your marketing copy from the perspective of the culture you are targeting. Not only could you unwittingly offend your new audience, but also this mistake could decimate your international SEO. Even if you receive visitors to your home website from countries other than your own, it won’t necessarily translate to brand recognition among that audience.

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3 Important Tips for Local Marketing On an International Scale

You've arrived. Your business has expanded into the international market. Congratulations! So.... why am I talking about local marketing? Don't you have enough to worry about now?

Banner: Keyword Research: Still Useful or a Ghost of SEO Past?

Context, Semantics and Search Intent – It’s All Keywords.

Is keyword research still useful in blogging? Some people think it's useless; we disagree. Learn why keyword research still does the job.

Hopping the plane of international marketing

Are You Using the Wrong International Marketing Strategy?

Today’s digital marketing technology can easily break down cultural and geographical communication barriers. Small businesses can now tap into the global marketplace with greater ease. In fact, no business is too small today to pursue business opportunities at the international level. However, it’s difficult for marketers to spend time in foreign countries to soak up needed knowledge. Without the right knowledge beforehand, an international campaign is nothing less than a hit or miss. Research and Follow-Through Is the Key Talk to industry professionals and the competition. Attend industry seminars and read every print and online publication you can get your hands...

International Marketing: Multilingual websites

International Branding: 5 Tips to Start Your Multicultural Website Off Right

Not too long ago - 50 years or so -, you didn't have to worry about a different language. After all, most businesses were lucky to sell outside of their own back yard. Business was primarily a local experience where homegrown shops assumed the common language of their community. Today, local business is easily expanded across the globe without setting up a devoted building in a new country. However, while the Internet opened up new location possibilities for commerce, expansion included the need to learn new languages. Businesses were stuck with two choices: hire a translator or learn to speak your...

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