International Marketing

You want your international marketing efforts to give the best results for your global business. Learn how to find your voice, community and localized market.

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The Big Guide on International SEO

When we think of international marketing, we often think of shipping, transatlantic package rates, brick and mortar transactions, different languages, and so on. We might also think of far away places, unreachable unless you run a large, multinational business. Of course, just because you can reach somewhere doesn't automatically mean you can sell there. Reaching is easy. Marketing is a whole other animal. Learn what it takes in our Big Guide to International SEO.
International SEO

How Does International SEO work?

Marketing your website overseas is different than marketing domestically. All the hard work to improve your domestic site's SEO won't necessarily convert the same with a simple translation of articles. Essentially, international SEO takes you back to the basics in a brand new way. Back to the Basics First, review the fundamentals of your website. Determine a domain structure that's right for you and your company. There are two options to choose from: -ccTLD: Domains with a country specific extension, like .us -gTLD: General domains, like .com Differentiating country specific pages on a gTLD can take several forms: -Subdomains, like -Subdirectories, like -URL variables, such...
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4 Essentials For International Marketing

Expanding your marketing campaigns internationally can be a great opportunity to grow your audience and brand. Outside your domestic region, however, are also opportunities for obstacles that could be catastrophic. Before taking the leap into international marketing, take into consideration a few essential points to help your campaigns succeed. (more…)