Writing Content

The Secret of Producing Content That Inspires People to Act

It’s more common than you would imagine for content writers to write content for web visitors as if they were human beings who loved to read! Writing content for your website gets a little challenging because you’re writing for two main elements: Google’s algorithm and people hunting for information, products, or services. When a person picks up printed text, the odds are he or she enjoys reading. When they’re on the Internet, they scan content. So, after you’ve taken care of the SEO element of your content, write in such a way that inspires people to take action. (more…)


Is Your Brand Good Enough?

Creating an authentic brand requires subtlety; outright promoting how awesome your brand is appears arrogant, even if everything you say is true. Your brand is your image in the eyes of your audience and customers. The task of developing the right image without being heavy-handed involves understanding psychological marketing. Emotions And Motivation Before analyzing your audience, really look at your product or service. What experience are you selling? Beyond every product is an emotional need: hope, choice, freedom, confidence, and so on. The emotion your product provides or fulfills will help you understand what motivates your customers to buy from you...

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5 Social Proof Types

5 Types Of Social Proof For Gentler Persuasive Marketing

There are several social proof types that tap into the social nature of your visitors, increasing conversion and trust in your brand. Though this influence has been around for a long time, the social explosion of the internet has revealed a whole new side beyond simple testimonies and written reviews. Social media outlets alone have created many new options to choose from, some you may not have even considered. Before you resign yourself to a single method, let's outline the different general types and related methods of social proof available. 1. Users Customers, members, subscribers, and anyone else that has had an...

Positive and Negative Social Proof

Positive vs. Negative Social Proof: How to Get it Right

Using social proof influences the reader's decision to take action. For online businesses, this means improved conversions. Some social proof methods can even widen the reach of your brand, such as with social media. However, doing it the wrong way can be worse than not using it at all. There are two sides to social influence: positive and negative. Positive proof works. Negative proof works against you . Knowing the difference between the two is a crucial element to using this powerful tactic successfully. Positive Social Proof This is what helps motivate people to buy the product, subscribe to the newsletter, or...

Social Proof - An Introduction

What is Social Proof?

You've set up a site featuring a product or service you believe will be beneficial to your market, written great content to inform and engage your readers, and leveraged marketing strategies to draw in traffic. Everything is ready to go and working like a dream. Yet there's still something missing; visitors need a little extra motivation to convert into customers. How can you help them make that decision with confidence? Enter the psychology of social proof. Your business is still just a tiny island in a vast ocean online. Putting your brand on the map takes more than SEO and...

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