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10 Most Common Security Attacks That Will Kill Your WordPress Blog

Running a successful blog is not easy. It is also something that does not happen overnight. You need to keep writing quality posts before you can see an increase in the number of loyal followers. In fact, some bloggers have spent years before finally becoming popular. This only means that you can’t afford to lose the entire blog just because of a security attack. There were a lot of bloggers who have lost everything they have worked hard for because of a security attack. Perhaps, you can recover some of the posts, but you can’t bring back lost time. Some...

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Site Speed and Better Traffic

5 Top Site Speed Tips for WordPress

In a world where site speed matters, is your WordPress (WP) website barely crawling? Do you sometimes find yourself wondering if a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter would be better? Are you blaming WordPress for how slow your website is? Good news. It's not WP, and you don't have to migrate; it's what you do with it. Out of the box, WordPress (WP) is a friendly content management system (CMS), happy to play along with visitors and give them a (fairly) good experience. Once installed, however, many site owners quickly put up themes that weren't baked in, plugins...

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Your WordPress Website May Be Obsolete: Are You Prepared?

The term “planned obsolescence” means purposefully producing goods that quickly become obsolete, in order for the consumer to buy more and keep the producer in business. While that isn’t necessarily what Automattic (creators of WordPress) did with their CMS, it is what you need to do with WordPress. Planning for Change: the MySpace Syndrome Sometimes, obsolescence comes from design or programmatic changes. Look at Windows, for example. Microsoft has updated so many times that Windows XP and Vista are obsolete; in another 3 years, Windows 7 will join them. Do you remember MySpace? At one point in time, MySpace was the...

Lead Generation

3 Awesome Lead Generation Plug-ins for Your WordPress Site

Time, effort and money are required to get traffic to your website. If you’re not finding a way to keep in touch with your visitors through lead generation, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Although many people know the importance of capturing leads, not everyone understands how to get started. Luckily, you can find several plug-ins for WordPress that will make the lead generation process as easy as possible. After you capture leads, you can market to them as many times as you want without any additional cost. If you use WordPress, then you need to check...

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Newspaper WP Theme

20 Best Selling Premium Magazine WordPress themes for Tech and News Blogs

If you are building a tech and news blog get ready for an interesting ride ahead. While most people believe traditional media might be dead the truth is that it has just crossed over to the internet platform. Newspapers are no longer confined to their traditional format and as a news blogger you will be surprised at how competitive this niche is. The demand for information is at an all-time high and it is no wonder some of the most searched sites provide news. From Yahoo, CNN, Huffington Post to U.S Money, it is now easier than ever before to...

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