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Google Rankings: Speed is Key

Google is all about the user experience. The newest addition to their algorithm is no exception. The big daddy search engine announced April 9th that they are now taking the speed of a website into consideration for search rankings. There has been much clamoring for this within Google for a while, and they had promised last year to begin taking this into account in some manner. It seems that promise is now being fulfilled. The number one reason to make speed a factor for ranking? User experience. Faster sites statistically perform better with users. But Google points out that not...


Surveillance Technology now and in the future

This article is a basic 101 on what’s available in surveillance technology field today and where technology is allowing us to go in the future. I am sure you have heard of some pretty amazing things when it comes to criminals being caught by surveillance cameras. All you have to do is watch TV there you can witness shows like world’s dumbest criminals to crimes caught on video’s. If you are my age (49)  you look back and remember things like Get Smart gadgets. They had things like a phone in a shoe, cameras on tips of pens, and stopwatches...

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