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Upgrading From 4 To The 7 Ps Of Marketing In Your Marketing Strategy

If you didn’t go through Marketing 101 in college and you’re new to the world of marketing, the concept of the 4Ps of Marketing are probably an unknown. The 4Ps are the foundation of marketing, which you probably use day in and day out, just by selling your product. -And yet, the 4Ps have evolved to include much more, becoming the 7Ps Marketing Mix. But what are these “Ps”, what do they have to do with your marketing strategy, and where’s the bottom line? (more…)

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Is Your PPC Ailing? Here’s the Quick Cure

For the record, pay-per-click advertising isn’t going anywhere. PPC is part of a success recipe that can help businesses generate dollars and provide a boatload of insights. Make no mistake though, PPC can be challenging even for the best of marketers. If your PPC campaigns are ailing, here’s our advice for turning the tide. (more…)

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Overlooked Winning Tactics for Managing PPC Campaigns

It’s a good thing if you’re running, or thinking of running, a Pay-Per-Click campaign. There are a number of benefits whereby PPC can be cost effective, targeted, measurable, fast, and customizable. In fact, many marketers constantly look for ways to increase their ROI using PPC. However, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and overlook those small, critical, things that can make or break your efforts. Here are some pearls of wisdom to consider when you're managing PPC campaigns. (more…)

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