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Questions I Keep Hearing About Content Marketing

You’d have to go pretty far out of your way nowadays to find a blog that hasn’t written about content marketing in one way or another. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but with so many people jumping on the band wagon I’m finding myself constantly having to answer questions when we talk about creating content for a website.

So we just need to add more content right?

One of the challenges many companies are facing is that they need to crank out more and more content. Who has that kind of time? Who has that kind of a budget? It’s more about the quality of your content than anything else. No more. Your readers value their time and are particular about where they go and what they spend their time on. So when someone lands on your site give them a reason to stay. Your audience has become far more sophisticated and will no longer bother with the drivel that used to pass as content. Besides, most web readers really don’t want to ready, they’ll scan it first before settling down to read it in detail. Don’t try and make them slog through a thousand words because they won’t.

If we publish this it’ll go viral right?

Many are clinging to the YouTube mentality that anything they produce must have the potential to reach millions. Can anyone predict what has the potential to go viral? Is the whole world your market? Probably not. You must stay focused on your core mission. Trying to guess what might go viral, and basing your content strategy on that, is no strategy at all. Who are you? Let your readers know. Show them how you will make their lives better. Do that and they will come back and stay loyal.

Should we publish this on another site?

Okay, it’s true you should be doing some guest posting here and there but why would you put a piece of content up on another site you worked so hard on? If everything remains separate and scattered, will your results end up being separate and scattered? Quite likely. Your quality content needs to be present everywhere that you are. You’re blogging efforts exist help drive traffic, build a following, and increase revenue. Whether it is your social media, RSS feeds, or email, use the same quality content across all of them. The continuity will build your community of readers across all of these outlets.

My nephew is studying English in college, is it okay if he writes it?

Creating great content is not easy. If it were, old Uncle Henry would be writing for you. Far too many are just throwing in some related links. Not only does this lack imagination, but it just sends your potential customers to another site once they see you don’t know what you’re talking about. Any content written for your site needs to be thoroughly researched. Not only for subject matter, but also to make sure it’s something your audience will want to read/share/and convert.

Potential readers must know that you are the expert, that you can furnish them with information they just can’t get anywhere else. Establish yourself as an expert with the highest quality content you can create. Oh, and a final word about SEO and keyword stuffing. This is a big issue with those who don’t do this for a living. They may not stay up on the latest changes with the search engines. Gone are the days when you could write an incoherent piece of content with a gazillion keywords in it. The search engines are now more savvy and will bounce you without mercy.

How much will we make off of this?

One question everyone wants to know (and they have a right to ask it since they are investing in it), is how much money will we make off of this? To answer that you must ask yourself:

  • Who are your customers?
  • Where are your customers?
  • What are they reading?

The first thing you need to do is reach out to them and try to build a community. Stay focused on building your following. That is more important to your success than selling ads. It’s not just about the money. It’s about connecting with your readers. Do that and the money will follow.

Stay within a few strategies and see how they work. Try just focusing on guest blogging rather than doing that as well as flinging yourself out to post comments on other blogs and trying to come up with witty comments for some forum. Time is everything. You can’t focus on quality, as well as your core audience, if you are running every which way because some “blogging for dummies” book told you to.

Your content remains a critical cog in the success machine. All of your efforts should be coordinated with your content. Your content exists to inform and entertain your readers as well as to drive traffic. As your community building efforts expand to your social media to your RSS to your email, it is your content that will be the glue that holds everything together.

BIO: Joshua Titsworth is an SEO Analyst with Vizion Interactive, Inc. You can find out more about Joshua on his Google+ page


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12 Responses

  1. first of all big thumb for you Josh, you really did a good job. these are really common question but most of the times misinterpreted or misunderstood by most of us even including me. previously i was conscious about contents but i moved away from it’s quality and even i asked some people to help me in writings. your three simple question,
    1- who are your customers?
    2- where are your customers?
    3- what are they reading?
    these three questions are really like a guide handbook to create quality marketing content to exactly reach for your customers. you really saved me. GOD Bless you. cheers!

  2. Seems Google starts to give content more credit than usual. Backlinks still count a lot but Google wants them to be natural, so the only way to achieve that is to write great, in-depth, top-notch content. Guest posting was mainly used for link building, but since Google announced that most of those techniques will no longer have effect, I think it will slowly start to disappear.

  3. Hi Josh,

    I didn’t get content marketing at first, but I felt the same way about Twitter in the beginning too. lol
    I’m working on building a following with my podcast right now and it’s challenging because right now everyone seems to be getting started with a podcast. Most of the marketing and content related use the interview format. But I’m trying to go solo. What do you think?

    Thanks for the post Josh, chat soon.

  4. These are the common questions which are asked by average bloggers. I think it is good if your nephew is studying in English college and he has ability to write informative contents according to your niche but posting it on other websites sounds like duplicated content which will penalize your website. Your answers make sense and good enough to stop beating about bush and follow authentic tips.

  5. Content marketing is the creation and sharing of content for the purpose of promoting a product or service. Content plays an important role in your B2B marketing strategies. You need it for lead nurturing, lead scoring and demonstrating thought leadership in your space. Explore this section and find cheat sheets, trends and predictions and helpful white papers on content marketing best practices.

  6. Good article. Good business plan is not necessarily written by the person whose idea serves as the foundation for the plan but from someone who sees the buying potential in the business. The emphasis on customers is and their buying habits is especially good advice to young entrepreneurs who like to think of a business for the sake of a thought process.

  7. I think content marketing is often seen as a cop out answer with no real meat to it. But that really isn’t the case. With the regular releases of Google algorithm updates, search engines are becoming better at finding the truly worthwhile content. Black hat techniques that worked in the past for boosting traffic and search rankings just aren’t viable anymore. Outsourcing to get the right content is an option, or just finding the right writer with the right technical knowledge of SEO. Great article.

    1. Hey Richard,

      Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, anytime I hear “we need to add more content” I start to think how much effort has gone into the campaign. Content is always good, but content with a focus and purpose is even more helpful. So yeah “add more content” but what type of content? What is it’s purpose? Thanks for the comment!

  8. Hi Joshua,

    You mentioned some really common questions or I would say mistakes which many marketers don’t aware of. One of the common problem is that they ask anyone to write content. Here you should understand that writing just content is not the target, instead one should focus on producing useful and interesting content which has potential to be liked by your audience.

    1. That’s it exactly Aahna, you have to create/write content for your audience, not the search engines. Your audience is who will share it and provide the feedback, not the SEs.

  9. Looking to create page to push my business and this helped tons…thank you very much. I am new to this site and not sure how to get start on marketing my business. Any tips?

    1. Deidra, honestly it depends on what your business is and who your audience is. If you’re open to it email me at joshuatitsworthgmailcom with any questions you have.

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