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Thoughts on the Nofollow Link Attribute from the SEO Community

Google says put a nofollow link attribute on all guest post links, whether sponsored or not. Here's what a few in the SEO community have to say about it.

Actionable SEO Tips to Promote Your Business Locally

Over the last few years, the scope and popularity of e-Business have dramatically increased. Today, a solid online presence is more important than ever for every local brick and mortar business. Google search engine results have changed. One major shift is that users now get search results based on their location. Local SEO, in that case, is essential for businesses operating at a regional level. While national SEO ranks searches across the country, local SEO gives priority to SERPs within a specific location. Optimising SEO at a local level means you get to benefit from a high number of leads, traffic...

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16 Link Building Strategies

These days, in order to have a successful business, you need to be present online. Actually, you need to be more than present. You should be dominating the online world. No matter what kind of business you are in, big or small, products or services, this is important for everyone. However, owning a place at the top of the search results is not easy. It is not impossible, either, so that's good news. (more…)

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Link Quaity

Evaluating Link Quality

Today we're talking some hard truth about link quality, search and ranking. Here’s the reality. Google evaluates links differently by each site. As an example, a link that’s valuable to a plumber may not necessarily be valuable to a company that sells kitchenware. Any company that assumes it can simply buy links is on the opposite side of success. Or a company that pursues links from a non-relevant source actually causes harm to their ranking. Links must be custom-built for every site. While the approach is never scalable, it drives the needle for acceptable and predictable SEO results. Link quality...

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