What is SEO? In actuality, website optimization is more than just a bag of tricks. It’s not as easy as some would like to believe, nor is it black magic. We get a little technical at times, but we’ll walk you through it.

Competitive Intelligence 101: Do You Know Who Your Online Competitors Are?

Who are your online competitors? Do you know? Are your sure? As an agency, we often find that many clients have no real idea who they’re fighting for the top position in the search results. The problem is the “online” factor. With physical businesses it’s clear cut. If you sell medical supplies, other companies that sell them are your competitors. It’s not so clear-cut with Internet marketing.

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Are Images Messing with Your Site Speed?

There are several key components that help create a successful website. Everyone is familiar with the basics: clean and simple navigation, readily available contact information, responsive design, and relevant content, site speed. However, one of the biggest things that many site owners overlook is the optimization of their images.

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