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Why Social Media Is An Important Part Of Inbound Marketing

Why is social media important to inbound marketing? Learn five ways that social media can help your marketing strategies and bottom line.

Social media is a vital resource for inbound marketing. There are many ways it will help your inbound marketing and business. Branding, increasing your SEO efforts, and finding new content ideas are just a few of the benefits of using social media. It also allows you to engage with customers and clients, as well as helps convey your content strategy.

Social Media Helps Build Your Brand

Posting your content on social media is the first step to help build up your brand. Social media branding is also an easy, inexpensive way to share insights and build awareness amongst your audience. Uploading to social media gives your audience a way to learn not only about your business but you as well. From pictures to articles, even discussion boards, it’s a strong way to begin building your audience and brand.

Building your reputation and authority on social media is the second step. Most of your target audience is on one social network or another and like to find their insights online. The content posted in your accounts will define what kind of audience is brought to your business. The more content posted, the more your audience will share around in turn, helping build your brand and reputation. As your business builds so will your brand, allowing you to reach an even wider audience.

Social Media Helps Your SEO

The more you promote on social media impacts and creates exposure for your business and SEO. With this increased exposure and digital marketing, you can reach beyond just your current audience. Reaching beyond your target audience will organically start growing your SEO. When you reach credibility and have authority, online authorities could then start promoting for you, thus increasing your audience. Having these respected online authorities positively increases your SEO marketing efforts.

Social media itself doesn’t affect your SEO rankings, but it is the best way to reach your target audience and get people to your website. Directing people to your website is what will create exposure for your brand. Having content that’s fun and reliable is what will keep people coming. This will build a lasting relationship with your audience.

Social Media Gives New Content Ideas

Building your brand and reputation on social media can not only help your audience but you as a creator and publisher. Your audience has the ability to relay information to you about your content. Having an online discussion board or review sites help you to create content your audience craves. Working to create content your audience wants significantly develops your brand. Gathering this feedback will be essential in building your brand.

There are many different social media sites you can use to gather new content ideas. This gives you a better idea of what audiences are looking for and topics you could potentially use to build your business. There is also software you can use to monitor what your audience is specifically looking for. Having this feedback allows you to engage in your audience base.

Social Media Audiences

Interacting with your audience base is imperative to growing your business. Entertaining and keeping your audience coming back for more not only builds your brand but your reputation as well. You want your audience to be able to refer other people to you, even after they have achieved what they needed. Social media also allows you to proactively address any feedback or outages that may be occurring.

Having this trusted audience base also allows for new opportunities for you and your business. Through your followers sharing and discussing with their own audiences, you create a web of possible new customers and interactions. As you can see, social media is used in all stages of building your business.

Social Media and Your Content Strategy

Through social media you can learn about which content is working and what’s not. You can gain insights from competitors and your followers about what is popular. This can give you an idea of new content to add or what content may not be right for your website. Making sure you have a wide array of content will ensure all of your audiences can engage. Also having a set schedule for new content can be an important strategy. Having that positive connection with your audience is vital.


Social media is a vital tool used in inbound marketing. These are just some of the ways it can create a positive impact on your brand and business. Working together with your audience to create new content will bring in new followers as well as keep existing ones coming back for more. Incorporating social media into your business as an important part of inbound marketing will give you a competitive edge and help you be more profitable in the long run.

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