Socially Aware in 2015: Expanding the Business Model

Being socially aware in 2015 is not just necessary it's all about expanding your business model. The inherent democratic nature of the World Wide Web...

The advancement of social media has become so ingrained and routine in daily activities that cellphones and tablets are seemingly becoming extensions of the human body. A recent study showed people can experience separation anxiety when their smartphones are forced out of reach while signaling an incoming call or notification. The year 2015 will no doubt show further progression in technological ingenuity and expansion of social media to reach a wider audience than the one already entrenched in its grasp. Being socially aware in 2015 is not just necessary, it’s all about expanding your business model.

The Benefits of Social Media

When social media networks are used properly it can be seen and heard on almost any webpage found on the internet. The inherent democratic nature of the World Wide Web allows for voices, opinions and news to be shared directly and immediately across the globe. The value in such a platform has businesses spinning to keep up and capture the latest trends in order to appeal to the masses whose attention is constantly being fought over and pulled in every which direction. The competition is a never-ending well of ad campaigns that search for a pulse on a niche and broad audience alike. While the most cynical-minded individuals may dismiss these attempts as nothing more than ploys for increased sales, businesses operating with sincerity have a ripe opportunity to develop a strong and devoted base of online support.

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Strong Marketing Strategy

Marketing campaigns may have a greater propensity to flop than flourish, but operating under the laws of Business 101 will help keep efforts afloat. A carefully crafted strategy takes time, patience and a lot of research. Indeed, some of the most successful campaigns were able to tap into the public’s consciousness with simple maneuvers that follow basic fundamental principles that no business should ignore. In the digital age where print journalism is struggling to survive, publications like National Geographic are extending their brand into the virtual arena and giving opportunities to empower and involve their readership. Using Facebook as a platform to launch their campaign, National Geographic solicited readers to submit photographs from their personal collection and own experiences for the chance of landing in the pages of their storied magazine, in addition to winning prizes of travel packages. Through the “My Nat Geo Covershot,” National Geographic determined a demand, created a prospect for participation and elicited a response with fantastic results. By combining old and new media, National Geographic was able to maintain relevancy in an industry that depends on sponsor- and viewership. Without social media, however, such an event could never come to fruition.

As the 24-hour news cycle spins in infinitum, journalistic outlets are scouring the web, particularly social media sites, to gauge public interest and even breaking news through open communications available for anyone to see and read. Indeed, often the answer to a question is in plain sight, something many businesses must keep in mind. The ceaseless activity and maze of information found on the internet can be an overwhelming endeavor to navigate and sort, but businesses wishing to bridge the gap between people and their company will find the undertaking a worthy investment. The accessibility of the web and immediacy of user feedback gives businesses an honest assessment of their efforts and products directly from customers. Such accountability should serve as a good motivator as any as comments on open forums can be ruthless in their candor.

The dawn of a new year brings many questions and unknowns to ponder on the horizon. Businesses must answer and provide answers and solutions to the needs of people at-large. Applications and social media channels will be quick to render judgment and evaluations, but with the proper amount of due diligence, businesses can harness such devices to coalesce people from all walks of life through a collective desire to evolve and improve upon the past.

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