Stories from Women in Tech: Why Gabriella Sannino Keeps Burning Her Bra

Women in Tech

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Honoring women has always been important to the Level343 brand. As many of you may already know, the agency’s owner, Gabriella Sannino, has kicked off a number of viral campaigns supporting women working online and in SEO, including #HonoringWomenWed, and the Top SEO Women lists, which ran the last four years in a row.

These initiatives have led to countless powerful interactions and dialogues over the years, and have sparked necessary – if not always easy – conversation. As the time is nearing for this year’s Top Women in SEO list, however, it’s become clear that it’s time for a change.

Top Women in SEO had helped shine the spotlight on many talented women in the SEO industry, but what about the tech industry at large? What are the individual experiences of these women? How did they come to the tech industry, and what unique challenges do they face – as women, and as professionals in a rapidly evolving industry at large?

Burning Bra

This year, Level343 LLC is introducing a new series, which aims at going deeper than the names of women who are excelling in high tech industries. “Stories from Women in Tech” will scratch past the Twitter profiles and portfolios to get to the heart of what our most influential female leaders have experienced. We’ll unpack origins stories like how Amy Vernon acquired the title of “Bacon Queen”, learn how Miranda Miller deals with stalker trolls, and look at how Rebecca Dutcher has created a positive personal brand, despite the polarity of being Director of Business Development in high tech.

Naturally, we’re kicking the series off with the woman herself, Gabriella Sannino. In this interview, we examine how she came to the SEO industry, and why she feels “women in tech” is still a necessary conversation. New interviews will be published every 1-2 weeks, so stay tuned here for much more.

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Stories from Women in Tech: Why Gabriella Sannino Keeps Burning Her Bra