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How to Have a Successful Business Website [7 Tips]

Having an active website is just the start of a successful business website. Read on to learn 7 tips that can help your website be more successful.

If you want people to know about you and your company, make sure you have a successful business website. 

You might have heard from many different sources that your business cannot thrive without a successful business website. In fact, if you do not have an online presence, your competitors will surely have an advantage. However, having an active website turns out to be just the starting point. Nowadays, the quality and the content of your website can make or break you. There is an abundance of tools and tactics that you can use to get this accomplished. Here are some tips that will help your business website dominate your industry.

If it is not mobile-friendly it is not successful

More than 60% of the total online searches happen over some type of mobile device. Thus, people are using their cell phones and tablets to browse the web. There are many different studies that show that this trend is just going to grow. For this reason, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you will lose a big chunk of potential website traffic. Not to mention that online sales are also starting to skyrocket over mobile devices. By all means, do not skip this tip, especially if you are fishing for customers.

mobile devices and computers connected through a network. Everybody is constantly on the go and on their mobile devices. Make sure they can find your website while they are at it. 

Choose the right domain

Choose a domain that is a good description of your business. Also, another option is to have a domain name that equals your companies name. Having multiple domains is also an option. If you have no idea what we are talking about, do not panic. You can always hire experts to take care of everything you need. Hiring professional assistance can be a slam dunk in producing a successful business website.

Make your website user-friendly

We are piggybacking on having a great domain. After all, you want customers to be able to find you. However, that is only the beginning. Once potential clients and customers find your website, you want them to stay on it as long as possible. As a result, you will see business growth. This will only happen if your webpages are carefully designed. Meaning, you want them to be easy to navigate and to be user-friendly as much as possible.

You do not want too many bells and whistles on your pages. In other words, do not overdo it with too many menus and tabs. Don’t forget, sometimes less is more. This part of creating a successful business website is just as important as your SEO strategy.

small white cubes with black letters that spell our SEO. Make sure you are can be found on all search engines. Focus on your SEO rankings. 

Accuracy is the key to every successful website

Having an aesthetically pleasing website is great, but that is not all you need. You want the full package, which means that the content matters. For starters, it must be 100% correct. This means that every single word on your website must be proofread. Do not chance it. Therefore, posted data must be correct, prices kept up to date, grammar errors avoided, etc. You get the picture. There is not much room for error. The first impression is key, so do not ruin your chances.

Everybody is in a rush, so make it quick

Do not forget that the need for speed is massive. Digitally promoting your business through a website is great, but it will not mean a thing if your download times are not short and sweet. Unfortunately, the reality is if your visitor is not happy with their experience on your site, they will directly switch to a competitor. Obviously, that is the last thing that you want. To increase your pages’ download time always use the latest software, optimize your videos and check the image size. All of these factors influence your download time.

Motivate the visitor to make a contact

Try to persuade your website visitor to take some type of action and get engaged with you. You can accomplish this connection by motivating your visitor to download certain content, sign up for some information or simply purchase what you are offering (product or service).

For example, you can motivate your future customers or clients to sign up for your monthly newsletter. There are two important things that you shouldn’t forget. First, make this option clearly visible. It’s a good idea to position this option on your home page. Second, make the instructions clear and the steps simple. If your visitors have to go through a huge hassle, it is likely they will abandon this action halfway.

a person looking at a laptop with statistics on the screen. Once your website is up and running, follow your statistics so you can have a better understanding of how much your website is bringing to the table.  

A simple design will go a long way

Having a cute design is a plus. Nevertheless, the line between cute and overdone is very thin. Be careful not to cross it. Nothing scares away a website visitor like pages with too much content. Surely, the visitor will get overwhelmed and leave the page. Consequently, your branding will not go as you wish. After all, we all know how important brand awareness is for a company’s success.

Getting personal is always a great move

Feel free to share your team on your website. People like to see faces that will be taking care of them and their needs. Thereupon, they might be more inclined to trust you (your company) and what you offer. This is a much better idea than providing a really dry and uninteresting chunk of text about your company.


In the end, there are endless options and tips on how to take your website to the next level. Surely, you have grasped the importance of having a successful business website. If you are serious about dominating the world of business, you will dedicate a serious amount of time to this matter. Plus, do not be afraid to hire professionals that can help you.

Professional services might be pricey, but the returns can be unparalleled. Investing in a great structured website might be the best and the smartest investment that you will ever make. After all, you must find a way to share your gift and the greatness of your company with those that need what you are offering. Remember, nobody is buying what you are selling if they cannot find you.

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Jessica Myers is a marketing expert living and working in New York City. Jessica attended St. John’s University. Shortly after she graduated, she started working as a digital marketing expert for multiple leading companies in Manhattan, including WP Full Care. When she is not running her marketing accounts, Jessica spends time with her husband Jeff and two daughters, Sarah and Megan. Her favorite thing to do is to have a game and pizza night with her family.


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