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REAL Professional SEO Specialists Don’t Have a Bad Name!

Just about any industry has an element within it that gives the others a bad name - doctors, auto mechanics, contractors, policemen... don't even get me started about politicians and lawyers! The difference is usually just in the percentage of [...]

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Real SEO Specialists: Finding the Needle in the Hay Stack

Yes. There are such things as real (i.e. legitimate) SEO specialists, practitioners, and companies, believe it or not. Lately, however, we've met many potential clients who are starting to wonder. This turns into a heavy amount of disbelief and mistrust [...]

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SEO Tool Review: Microsite Masters SERP Tracking Tool

A new SEO tool has hit the streets, competing with thousands of others. As SEO consultants, we’re always looking for that one tool – the one that will really help in measuring, managing and quantifying the work we do. Many SEO tools have promised the user will become a master, only to turn into something mundane. Because of this, we went to the Microsite Masters website with a healthy dose of cynicism…

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