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Tips For Content Domination

For many businesses, developing a consistent flow of relevant and engaging content can be a challenging task. In most cases, creating well-researched and useful articles is a time-consuming process. Producing a large amount of valuable content consistently can become overwhelming for a business that does not have the assistance of a professional content company.

For that reason, many businesses seek a more interactive and creative approach to producing content. Traditional articles are no longer the only type of content businesses should include in the content marketing plan. Currently, there are a variety of ways to offer memorable and engaging content. It is important to add that connecting with an audience using attention-grabbing content can increase the chance the content will be shared. More importantly, this helps increase the number of visitors that will link back or click on other areas of the website.
Although there are numerous ways to produce creative content; below are 8 tips for content domination that every business should consider implementing in a content marketing plan.

1. Using Live Twitter Chats

For many businesses with a strong Twitter following, interacting with customers over a live Twitter chat is an innovative way to offer content. For the most part, live Twitter chats are performed at a pre-set time and lead up to a large promotional event. This is a creative option that provides an innovative way to answer customer questions and offer content in a live, real-time format.

2. Make Videos

Turning old post into YouTube videos and creating Q&A videos is a good way to add creativity to content. Recycling old information and producing a visual slide can be more engaging for viewers. Creating Q&A videos is another way to engage with customers. Answering questions that customers want to know in video format is more engaging than reading long articles. For the most part, the video should last no longer than three minutes. This is roughly the amount of time it takes viewers to get bored and click away.

3. Build Content Around Promotions

Generating content by offering contests and valuable prizes is an incentive that can persuade viewers to spend a little more time on a site. Promotions and giveaways can create increased interest and lead to improved traffic. Creating content about specific promotions and announcing winners via video, writing, or image is a creative approach to maximize on a content marketing plan.

4. Infographics

Over the last few years, Infographics have experienced a growth in popularity. These are an interesting and effective way to offer information to viewers. Infographics are created by mixing information with detailed graphs. These are visually appealing, creative, and considerably informative charts. This type of content is distinct and provides a fresh perspective on giving viewers routine information. Select topics that interest customers and viewers in order to increase visibility. This is a noticeable way to offer valuable content in a new and creative way.

5. Create Audio Files and Podcasts

This is another way to reuse older content. Offering voice-over audio files of content is a good way to interact with customers and listeners. Creating a podcasts is a simple and straightforward process that offers a more human aspect to content. In some cases, podcasts are an ideal approach to generating awareness about upcoming broadcasts. Once the podcast is completed, placing a copy on a website will allow customers or listeners the opportunity to listen again at a later date.

6. Maps

Similar to Infographics, Maps offer an interesting and distinct approach to engaging customers. The fitness industry can use maps as a way to provide visual content for users that workout or exercise. The travel industry can use maps of actual places to help customers plan trips. This is a creative way for a business to incorporate their individual perspective while providing specific content. Maps are a great way of visually showing customers and viewers detailed information.

7. Consider White PaperAmalfiCoast

White papers are educational content that is essential to any content marketing plan. These are professional tools that include reports and case studies. In most cases, white papers are recycled from previous articles, governmental information, and blog posts. This is a creative way to reuse information and add a different perspective. These papers are also used to generate large mailing lists. Businesses will offer a free white paper for contact information and email addresses. Not only is the content creative, white papers are fast and inexpensive. White papers help businesses network and create contacts.

8. Offer eBooks

Although eBooks may require larger amounts of content, offering an eBook is a creative way to provide content. In most cases, eBooks fit snuggly with a business’s personal style of branding and design. This type of content requires thorough development; however, businesses can offer this type of content in exchange for customer and visitor contact information.
An efficient content marketing plan must include several types of creative content. Although traditional articles are an effective way to provide content, there are other ways to engage customers. The growing popularity of visual content is with the introduction of sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Moreover, current updates to Google+ and the Facebook News Feed prove that images and visual content are a useful form of creative content.

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