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Video Content Ideas to Improve Your Site’s User Experience

Utilizing videos can benefit businesses in a number of ways. Adding a product video or informational video on a landing page, for example, can increase conversions by up to 80 percent or more. In fact, video usages consistently shows a solid return on investment.

Video production pays off big time. Online video assets and tools are constantly improving and becoming more affordable to create. Video can also build trust and create relationships that last long-term.

Here are five video content ideas that can help build a positive user experiences on your website.

1. Your homepage, without question, is one of the most effective components of your website. With respect to user experience, the homepage often provides the very first impression. A stylish welcome video inspires a 95 percent retention rate in many instances. A welcome video allows you to introduce visitor to the most important components of your business or brand. Show off your brand’s aesthetic and make their first impression a positive one.

2. Produce product videos for your visitors. Sometimes, visitors will click through sites and experience ugly images and lackluster product descriptions. On the other hand, a positive video exposure can improve their perceptions of your products and services. This can help your business stand out from the crowd.

Such videos can help build customer faith and differentiate your products from your competitor’s products. It’s a fact that most customers prefer a demo video to written text. Create product videos and give your customers what they both want and need. You’ll improve their engagement as a result.

3. Tell a story with your videos. Find the video template that fits your purpose. Keep the story short-the attention span of most people is short-unless you need more time to do your story justice. Just keep in mind that you can always link to a product information page if you want visitors to learn more.

4. Focusing on telling one story at a time. Imparting more than one story at a time might just confuse your audience. If you have more to say, you can always continue with other videos. Choose those stories that your audience will care about. This takes knowing your audience and what their needs are. When you know their needs, you’ll have the perspective to create the videos that will engage them time and again.

5. Connect with your audience on an emotional level. Those videos that can evoke an emotion are usually the ones that register as the most memorable. However, an emotion doesn’t have to be one that brings an audience to tears. For instance, curiosity can be a powerful emotion. Happiness, fear, and humor are positive emotions that videos can tap into as well.

The Power of Video Testimonials

It’s a good idea to share testimonials. Just make sure those glowing endorsements aren’t coming from a paid celebrity. Audiences happen to connect better with a human face, even if unknown, than someone with a notable industry title. Some enthusiastic customers are willing to express their love and appreciation for your products. You know the old saying, “People don’t buy from companies. They buy based on the opinion of other people” These enthusiastic customers are the ones your video testimonials should put front and center.

How About Team Videos?

A warm human presence can be an excellent means of connecting with customers. People prefer this over having to confront messaging from a faceless company. Team videos are a way to introduce your customers to the team. After all, the people that work for your company are just like the people who buy products and services from your company. Your customers will also gain a credible understanding of what your team members do.

Provide a Case Study Video

Your product has an impact on customers otherwise you wouldn’t be in business. Depending on your business and its offerings, a case study video allows you to show the positive impact of your offerings. Video animation can also provide an added boost if you’re sharing information and facts with intimidating numbers. Adding video and lifting the user experience to new levels is an effective approach that enables you to reach new customers across the entire Web spectrum.

Find out more about how videos can help your bottom line, as well as other marketing insights, by contacting Level343 for a free half-hour consultation. We look forward to learning about your project.

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