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Call this a press release. Heck, call it a chatty letter. You can even call it bragging, because we’re proud of the things our company is doing.

Call this a press release. Heck, call it a chatty letter. You can even call it bragging, because we’re proud of the things our company is doing. We’ve come a long way, baby.

The founder of Level343, Gabriella Sannino, is an Italian transplant. She’s lived in the U.S. for more years than she’d care to say (and we have an NDA clause that says we won’t spill the whole “age” thing), been in more countries than you can shake a stick at and speaks five languages fluently.

Her educational background is in marketing and communications; transitioning from print media to online media was easy. During the dot com era, she worked with high profile clients as an account executive at a San Francisco boutique agency. She went from medium-size agencies to working in the corporate life and hating it. She finally quit and came here to where she belongs, running Level343.

Gabriella’s spent the past seven years making up for corporate skirts, heels and briefcases, emerging into Web 2.0 at a new level. Italian rocker and rebel, she loves what she does. Her favorite pitch, which we’ve used once or twice in our blogs, “Communication is the new currency.” On the other hand, her elevator pitch sounds more like, “Today’s brand marketing is an evolutionary mix of SEO, social media and traditional marketing principles. We guide the way; all you have to do is walk it.”

We love her; we hope you do too, because she’s worth it.

The support staff of Level343, on the other hand, is much less traveled. Gabriella fondly refers to them as her “American hillbillies”. Whether hailing from Missouri, Tennessee, Florida and other “small”, non-coastal areas, we love our cows, horses and gardens. As opposite as we are, and from different walks of life, we’ve made it work.

With the exception of two men, we’re all women. Contrary to occasionally popular opinion, this doesn’t make us less functional – i.e. there is no gaggle of hens, here. We’re workaholics, schmoozlholics, coding geeks, writing wonders, etc. We’ve gone from a copywriting company to a full service SEO and copywriting company, thanks to our wonderful team members, partners, associates – and you, dear reader, who kindly shares our links, comments on our blogs and engages with us.

And now…

We’re Going to Italy!

The Vatican in Rome
Enabling Technology Bologna July 9th, 2011

Now we get to do something awesome. Now we get to do something beyond the business. Now, we get to do something exciting!

Look up, right above this section. You see that picture? It may not look like much, but it means a whole bunch.

On July 9th , Gabriella and three handpicked speakers will be giving a seminar on Enabling Technology for Small and Medium Businesses to Italian professional men and women. This is a big opportunity for us; we’re especially excited about the fantastic speakers that have offered to give their time and share their knowledge.

Agnese Vardanega, for example, has a Ph.D. in Methodology of Social and Political Sciences. She taught social research and theory at the University of Rome, and currently teaches Techniques of Social Analysis at the University of Teramo.

Then there’s Cesarino Morellato, aka the DAO Daddy, who’s been teaching Digital Asset Optimization since 2008. He’s been in the business since 1998, and performed over 1,000 SEO projects.

Finally, we have Dr. Sante J. Achille. After getting a degree in engineering and working for companies such as the European Space Agency, he fell in love with the web. The second World Wide Web Conference spelled doom for his career in engineering. He resigned, started his own company, and has been in search marketing ever since.

We also have two great sponsors aside from Level343: Raven Tools and Much thanks to them for working with us!

Please Hold for a Lesson About Social

Let’s be blunt, shall we? We’re relatively new in Italy especially in the search industry, compared to Agnese, Cesarino, and Sante. So how did we get where we are? You’ve probably guessed it by the title of this section: through social.

Now, social doesn’t mean just places like Twitter and Facebook. It means being sociable; it means socializing. Gabriella, as the face of the business, spends hours doing just that. She talks to people, through social platforms, through places like the SEO Dojo, through guest blogging, making contacts… you know, connecting.

Other team members do the same. You might call it schmoozling; we call it making friends. We like what we do, we like to share information about what we do, and we like to talk to people who do what we do. It’s a win-win-win situation for all involved.

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Program

The most exciting thing about the Enabling Technology seminar is what we’re going to be able to do with some of the proceeds…

April 6, 2009, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck the small, city of L’Aquila, Italy, damaging thousands of buildings and leaving more than 30,000 people homeless. In light of more recent earthquakes, such as Haiti (2010) and Japan (2011), this may seem like small potatoes… two years old, small city, old hat, old news.

Giampaolo Giuliani
Giampaolo Giuliani

Yet, two years later, the earthquake could have just happened. In many places, rubble still fills the streets and buildings stand empty with gaping holes in their facades. A blog by a freelance writer living in Basilicata, Italy describes current conditions, “It’s sad; the soul and identity of the city is still in rubble, two years later.” Yes, they’re rebuilding, but it’s a slow, arduous process.

We’re still trying to figure how the proceeds can best be used, but we’ll figure it out – especially with Sante’s help, who lives in L’Aquila.

Now, our humble seminar won’t change the world. It won’t change Italy; it won’t even change L’Aquilla. But it’s a start. Maybe one person can’t make a difference (although I wouldn’t bet on it), but we can try… and keep trying.

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  1. Of course we/I love Gabriella too! It’s impossible not to…OK, Ok, somebody might not but they’ve not yet seen the light.

    Wonderful news for you. YOu’ll rock the seminar. Cherry

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