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Although content marketing is a great strategy for anyone who wants to grow their business, doing so is not always an easy task. To keep up with the competition, you must provide your audience with fresh material on a regular basis. Keeping your blog updated means that you must invest time to write the posts and to market them, but this is energy that you could be spending on other areas of your business. Focusing on evergreen content is one of the best ways to get the most from your content marketing, and it will free up a lot of your time.

Understanding Evergreen Content

Evergreen content consists of articles, videos and blog posts that will be useful to your followers, and it does not matter how much time passes. Your articles will remain relevant for longer than ever before, and you will get a much better long-term return from each post. When you focus on crafting evergreen content, each article will also bring you more followers than you once thought possible, and you will be impressed by your results. The best way to get started is always to ask yourself if an idea for a blog post will still be useful in the coming years.

Avoid Dates

Without considering the long-term impact, marketers often use dates in their headlines and throughout their content, but doing this is not wise if you want to work as efficiently as possible. The information in a post might remain useful for decades, but putting a date in the headline can turn a lot of people away. Consumers want the most recent and relevant information about the topic that they are researching. If your articles are dated for the previous year, most people will simply navigate away from your website. Although the content is still useful, you will no longer get any benefits from it.

Content Creation

Avoid Trends

Many bloggers rely on trending topics to increase the amount of traffic that comes to their website. This method can work wonders for a while, but it’s only a short-term solution. When trending news stories are released, people will focus on them for several days or weeks, but it won’t last long. As soon as something new starts trending, everyone will begin chasing the new shiny object. Those who put a lot of effort into creating content that depends on those trends might get a brief boost in traffic, but the benefits of their work will fade away with each passing trend.

Focus on Beginners

If you want to increase the value of each post, then you need to take a look at why people come to your blog. In most cases, it’s because they want to learn something, and you are the answer for which they have been searching. As people move along their journey, they will become interested in progressively advanced information. Beginners, though, will always need to start from the same place, and you can use this to create evergreen content that will be as useful in the future as it is now. Think about what people who are new to your industry would need to learn first, and you will find success by focusing on those topics.


Understanding Exceptions

It’s easy to view some concepts as though they are black and white, but it’s important you understand that nothing is set in stone. Although providing evergreen content is usually the best solution, times will come when you might want to make an exception. If a trending news story relates to your market and you could easily use it to drive traffic or to establish yourself as an expert, then using it to your advantage can impact your business in a positive way.

Final Thoughts

When you focus 90 percent of your effort on crafting evergreen content, you will significantly increase your productivity and efficiency. Each blog post will experience increased longevity, and you will enjoy the rewards over a much longer period. The key is to avoid using dates in your headlines and to focus on topics that will not quickly lose their relevance. Making this simple change is one of the fastest ways to improve your business, and many people have already enjoyed the rewards of posting evergreen content. Also, posting articles that are aimed at beginners will ensure that you consistently get new subscribers, and you will be pleased with the outcome.

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  1. This is a very well written article. It is precise and to the point and covers all the basics of writing an evergreen content. I agree with you on the point that no matter how evergreen your content is, to bring uniqueness and to add a different flavor to your overall writing, it is advisable to use the trending topics and ideas if they match your brand or business. Thanks for sharing the info.

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