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Writing an Irresistible CTA: 7 Tips to Increase Your CTA Conversions

A call-to-action is a sentence that clearly instructs the reader to perform a specific task.

A call-to-action is a sentence that clearly instructs the reader to perform a specific task. The same holds true wherever the CTA ends up in content. If your website’s call-to-actions are weak and non-compelling, visitors are not going to take action. If your CTA conversion rates are low and your efforts aren’t working, you are losing money to competitors. If you are looking to increase conversion rates, the following tips and strategies are for you.

7 Tips to Increase Your CTA Conversions

1. It only makes sense to know what your audience wants. Make sure your products and services relate to their needs, and that whatever you direct them to explore will work in their industry.

2. Words are powerful and can evoke emotions and feelings. Make sure your CTAs include power words that inspire people to click. You have to speak to a person’s pain points. What are they afraid of? Address those fears and provide a solution they can live with. Above all, be truthful. State what your services or products can provide with honesty.

A pain point is a certain problem that customers experience. Of course, this is where research wins the day. A customer pain point is as unique as each customer. Keep in mind too that not every prospect is aware of his or her challenges. This is where your marketing material and CTA can help customers realize they have problems, and that your products and services can provide a solution.

3. Write in a clear tone. Use the grammar and tone that matches that of your audience. Your text should be easy to read and understood at a glance. While you may have a lot to share in your content, make sure your CTA is short, effective, and concise. At a glance, visitors working through your site should know how they will benefit.

4. Another important thing to remember is that your action requirement of them should be easy to implement. You do not have to provide a seven-step plan for your audience to reach an offer. If you make it hard, they may bounce and never return to your site. This is a prospect you will have lost for good.

5. A call-to-action should also give your prospect a hint there is something to lose if they do not take action. Even after having properly introduced your product or service, and outlined its benefits, and established your brand and told them what you want them do to, you may still have work to do. Consumers may need a nudge to convince them they need to take action to obtain your product or service right at the moment.

6. Design around your CTA. There are words and images you can use to complement your CTA and get a powerful response. Action words work! “Buy now and get 70% off.” Provide them with a benefit and give them something to express joy over. People love what they perceive as a bargain. “Plan your dream vacation in England” is another example of using an action sentence that resonates with people.

7. People do actually have a fear of missing out. Another term is FOMO. You can take advantage of this and motivate people to jump on the bandwagon. “Sale ends Tuesday” or “Shop today while supplies last.”

Sprinkle CTAs Throughout the Sales Funnel

Remember, CTAs should exist throughout your sales funnel. Test and tease customers at every point along the sales journey. Your visitors will buy when you present them with popular offers of the day, promote those popular offers, and offer special deals they cannot pass up. Find ways to get them to pick up their abandoned carts and keep shopping.

Test and Revise Your CTA

Keep in mind that you may not write a winning CTA the first or second time around. Test and revise to make sure the hammer hits the nail on the head. Once you find a CTA, or several that work, adjust your strategies to maximize customer conversions.

Finally, to get the best out of your CTAs, work with the digital marketing professionals who can help you craft call-to-actions that move mountains. Contact Level343 to discuss your needs; we’ll take your CTAs to the next level.

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