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What’s Your Social Media Reach?

The length of your organic social media reach (AKA digital social reach) is critically important. But many marketers and companies make the mistake of assuming their presence should abound everywhere, and on every social media venue. Unfortunately, this is not always the case; the manpower and time involved are wasted.

Since your audience is not on every social media platform, why waste the energy? There are ways to get more information about your target market.

1. Ask your audience questions you need answers to. Call, conduct a survey, or send an email. Making contact also keeps your customers engaged.

2. Gain additional information by adding share buttons to a blog. These tools can provide the type of analytics that reveals who shares your content, and where they happen to share it.

3. Keep a close eye on the competition. What type of content do they post, and is it working? Just keep in mind that your content should always remain unique.

4. Search all your social media profiles and optimize them. Your content should also be uniform across every social media venue. Every aspect of a social media profile can offer greater visibility.

5. Keep all of your online content relevant with rich keyword and links back to your website. Include call-to-actions. Make sure your content is evergreen. You want its lifespan to continue for as long as possible.

Targeting Works

You can target by gender, career status, education level, location, age, language, and personal interests. Once all the ducks line up, there are three metric areas to play close attention to.

Conversion Rate

There are ways to examine conversion rates. First, boost it. You can boost it with content and special offers. You can also create and post content when everyone is not online. Non-peak hours are when you are less likely to get drowned out in all the noise.

You have to keep posting content multiple times to boost engagement and conversion. Conversion measurements can result from direct, search, and referral visitors. Conversion can also occur as a result of how your audience replies to a post on Twitter, Facebook, or a blog post.


Applause is the factor that helps a person understand what their audience likes. On Facebook, it allows a post to show up on a person’s own timeline. Google+ and Twitter applause should offer the same insights. Simply put, it is the number of likes per post.

Amplification Rate

This is the big one. Amplification focuses on how one group passes information on to the next group. This can be the act of retweeting or resharing information or content across networks. Amplification is the number of shares per post.

What the Social Media Experts Consider

When helping you to extend your social media reach, marketing experts will consider your company’s traffic, customer awareness of your brand, conversion rate, and endorsements. Their goal is to communicate with current and potential customers. They also would like to reach influencers that can boost awareness of your brand.

Naturally, your marketing experts will help you discover the social media channels that work best for your products and services. Those channels may include blogs, Quora, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Google. Customer engagement may include graphics, photos, all forms of content, videos, questions and surveys, and community recognition to name several forms.

As such, there is an advantage to working with a professional team. An effective team has the skills needed to help your company develop its strategies. They can also pull your social media data together and make sense of it. They are there to make sure your programs are running on track and on schedule.


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