Don’t Be a Marketing Magpie – Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome


The magpie is an interesting bird. Practically vilified in the UK and considered a sign of good fortune in Korea, this bird has influenced many cultures throughout history. Yet one universal fact remains true about this striking bird, and that is its propensity to collect shiny things. If you stumble upon a magpie’s nest, you’ll […]

Tips for Achieving your Business Goals


There are a lot of self-improvement tips that focus on helping you achieve your goals. Some of them make some pretty good points, and some of them are just a lot of fluff. I thought I’d share some tips that I know can help in many different areas, because I’ve used them myself. Have you […]

Negotiating with Hard-heads

Hard headed

I’m sure you’ve all found yourself faced with the necessity of having to deal with some hard-head that just seemed determined to be difficult. No matter how logical your position, or how illogical their own, they refuse to see reason or accept any opinion other than theirs. They may be a supplier, a customer, a […]

Treat your Customers like they Deserve and Expect

What Customers want

The old saying, “The customer’s always right” may not always be true, but for the most part, I think they’re good words to live by, at least for a prudent businessman. Not too many of us can afford to lose customers these days, least of all just for the sake of winning an argument or […]

Social Media as a Customer Relations Platform

Customer Relations

We’ve talked many times about social media and how to use it for your business, but I want to touch on it again, because we keep seeing people screw it up SO bad! Social Customer Relations – Benefits and Risks One use of social media for your business is for handling customer relations. This may […]

Working in a Vacuum

Trust Me I'm a Doctor

I recently spoke with a prospective client for a cleanup project after they received one of those pesky Google Slaps for unnatural links and their site dropped a couple of hundred pages in the SERPs. As usual, the first thing I did was send them our discovery form, so we’d have an idea of what […]

Partnerships are Like Marriages – Sweet or Sour, Depending upon Trust


Partnerships are often likened to marriages, and any of us that are both married and have had an opportunity to work with a business partner are likely to recognize the parallels. I have a number of past partnerships, with a handful still active, as well as some ongoing strategic alliances. And having been married for […]

7 Tips To Boost your B2B Efforts on Google Plus

Stories at Work

Social media networks are a great way to boost your global B2B efforts and supplement business campaigns. With the variety now available, there’s no excuse for a lack of international business-to-business communication. Leaving out the small timers, think about the major players: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Using just these five, you have […]

Business Blogging Tips: The Why and The How

Business Blogging

Businesses, whether small or large, local or enterprise, are constantly being told that blogging will help their search engine rankings, but many are left wondering how to actually implement a blogging strategy. While a few get the hang of it quickly, a large number either never blog at all, or they give up after a […]

Digital Marketing Shift and The New World Order

Digital Technology

(Manipulating the Monetary Paradigm of the Time/Space Continuum) Ladies and gentlemen, we’re at the boundary of business. We’re walking a tightrope at the forefront of technology and mining the frontier of fiber optic cyberspace. Information technology, social behavior, buyer psychology, the global economy – a slew of volatile, game-changing and disruptive changes have struck our […]