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10 Important Tips to Know About International Search Engines

Any marketer or online business owner who hopes to succeed on a global scale must know how to optimize for international search engines. Google may hold close to 70% of the American market for desktop and mobile search traffic combined. Google withdrew from China abandoning a market with close to 688 million Internet users. Russia is a major player that boasts local search that competes with Google in the country's surrounding regions. Throw South Korea in the mix and add an additional 45 million users to the tally that may not have access to your products and services. If your...

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16 Content Personalization Statistics That May Shock You

Content personalization is a marketing strategy that utilizes findings from visitor data to produce relevant and useful content based on the interests of a specific audience. Content personalization takes into consideration every facet of content that marketers can place on a website. This includes text, video content, and infographics etc. If your company has not focused on content personalization, then you may belong to a minority of marketers. There are a significant number of businesses and advertisers who are working to offer intimate content that users find relevant and sharable. (more…)

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How to Have a Successful Business Website (7 Tips)

If you want people to know about you and your company. make sure you have a successful business website.   You might have heard from many different sources that your business cannot thrive without a successful business website. In fact, if you do not have an online presence, your competitors will surely have an advantage. However, having an active website turns out to be just the starting point. Nowadays, the quality and the content of your website can make or break you. There is an abundance of tools and tactics that you can use to get this accomplished. Here are some...

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What Is Content Personalization and How Can It Help Your Marketing Efforts?

There is a marketing buzzword called content personalization. This refers to the strategy of creating and delivering targeted and relevant content that audiences find interest in. Personalized content engages customers on an individual level and it can mean the difference between marketing success or failure. Effective content is something that marketers cannot afford to get wrong. The Inner Workings of Content Personalization In today’s world, customers expect content to speak to their needs. While the process is not new, it is more critical now because brands drive their marketing strategies based on technology and big data. This allows content to be...

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5 Ways to Know Your Email Campaign Strategy Is Legal

Crafting the perfect email strategy can be tricky. Not only do you need to appeal to the masses in a fresh and authentic way, but you also have to maintain strict legal guidelines. Many large corporations outsource to marketing firms who bear all liabilities, but small businesses may not have that luxury. Do you want to know if your email campaign strategy is legal? Start by asking the five questions below. 1. Did You Buy an Email List? Years ago, paid email lists were common. You'd create an email, purchase a list and blast thousands of inboxes at once. Today, though —...

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