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coding with essential UI web design

5 Essential UI Web Design Tips to Consider for your Website

A website is more than just a few digital pages on your device that display content and link together. It’s an interactive interface that helps users to explore, connect and communicate. When a user makes an interaction with a website, they’re being provided with an experience and as a web designer you need to make sure this experience is immaculate as possible for them. User experience depends on many elements of the user interface including the layout and functionality of the website. Taking into consideration these UI websign tips will help you to think of the bigger picture when it...

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link building nofollow

Thoughts on the Nofollow Link Attribute from the SEO Community

Google says put a nofollow link attribute on all guest post links, whether sponsored or not. Here's what a few in the SEO community have to say about it.

Improving your online store's bounce rate

How to Reduce Your Online Store’s Bounce Rate to Improve Sales

Does your online store have a high bounce rate? Having a high bounce rate is one of the biggest e-commerce conversion killers. If most users abandon your site as soon as they land on it, then you can't convert them into subscribers or customers. However, you might have a difficult time accepting the fact that having a high bounce rate means there is something about your online store people do not like. You love your website so much that you do not know why people can’t think or feel the same way towards it. There’s nothing to worry, though, as we are...

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shopping with local businesses

Creating a Content Plan for Local Businesses

Between Pay Per Click (PPC) and email outreach, there are several ways to market your business and reach new audience segments. However, only a few are effective for achieving organic, sustainable growth over the long-term, and they only require a little time - and very little investment - on your part. Today, we're talking about creating a content strategy that will propel your visibility and reach to new levels while providing added value to your customers. (more…)

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ingredients of a great landing page

Ingredients of a Great Landing Page

Landing pages are basically one-page forms that are designed to capture the recipient's attention and tell them about a product or service. They can act as stand-alone order forms, the second step in an email marketing campaign, or a teaser to get more eyes on your web pages. Your landing page is the first phase of website optimization. A page that's informative, well-constructed, and engaging draws traffic and introduces your brand or a new product to your audience.

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