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Foolproof SEO Tips for Engineers

The engineering world is known for being competitive. Whether you have many years of experience under your belt or you’ve recently qualified and are about to set up your own company, knowing how to attract customers and clients to your business is crucial. When it comes to hiring your services, their first port of call will be to visit your company website. Once you’ve created your engineering business website, getting your page at the top of search results can be extremely rewarding for your company. However, actually making your mark and being at the top will take hard work and...

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Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Traffic

In case you haven't heard, mobile is the word for the year. Smartphones and tablets are nothing new. But, mobile traffic and usage are expected to increase by seven times their current rate within the next two years. Not only have rates of usage increased, opening up new markets in some of the most remote regions of the world, the ways we use our mobile devices is also evolving. They've reshaped business culture, communications, and how we shop. Many financial transactions begin and end on a mobile device. As of last July, even Google has altered their algorithms to...

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5 Internet Marketing Courses for Aspiring SEOs

Search engine optimization — SEO — can be a daunting term for entrepreneurs or young professionals looking to improve their online presence. SEO is a key factor in digital marketing strategies today, so learning the ins and outs of this topic is extremely important to determining your brand's success.  The good news is there are any number of online courses and books to help you become a certified SEO pro. (more…)

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3 Steps to Make Your Website More Effective in 2020

Your company’s website has the potential to be your most important marketing tool; however, it can also be your biggest downfall as a business. Having an ineffective, boring, outdated, and not user-friendly website is the quickest way to lose potential customers. In today’s society people want access to everything 24/7, and your website has the opportunity to give this service to them, but if your pages load too slowly or if your external links go through to useless and irrelevant content, then you can say goodbye to sales. However, if you are willing to invest in your website and more importantly, are willing to invest your time and...

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The Art of Reputation Management

With all of the things you have to manage while running your business, the last thing you probably have on your mind is online reputation management. You figure you've created a nice website and you treat your customers like VIPs, so what do you have to worry about, right? Wrong. Your online reputation is one of the most important details you could overlook. Unless you've had prior business with a customer or vendor, the first point of contact potential customers see is your listing on the search results. The second is most likely a customer review. (more…)

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