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Local and International Website Audits: The Foundation of Successful Marketing Campaigns

Whether the target is local or international, website audits are essential tools that provide you with an exceptional opportunity for online growth. They help you to first measure, then improve, the efficiency and visibility of your website. In a very real way, they are the baseline of optimization in its purest form; they provide actionable data on the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing campaigns and how to make them stronger.

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5 Ways to Give Your Brand Authority

In today's saturated market, you need to stand out among a sea of competitors. Consumers have access to a massive variety of goods and services, so they need a convincing reason to choose you over everyone else. On top of offering a competitive option, you need to develop brand authority. A recognizable brand will help you stand out, but an authoritative brand will give you preference. Being an industry authority means having a reputation for expertise within an area. When someone thinks of a subject and your name immediately comes to mind, that's brand authority. (more…)

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7 Marketing Psychology That Will Convert More Buyers | Level343 LLC

7 Psychological Principles That Will Convert More Buyers

Just changing the words you use to describe a product changes the reader's perception of that item. Wouldn't you rather eat something described as delicious and decadent, or will tasty suffice? One of the most effective ways to use strategic marketing psychology is through content creation, which covers all of the basics of eCommerce marketing. It also very neatly incorporates seven psychological principles of marketing that we'll discuss in this article.

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How To Develop A Creative SEO Content Strategy

Here are some key tips that will enable you to consider your SEO rankings and also use a creative slant so that you get the best of both worlds!

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5 SEO Strategies That Will Never Die and Here’s Why

If you've been in the marketing game long enough, you'll notice that some SEO strategies remain on the list of best practices from year to year. In the old days, such strategies were limited to keywords and minor tweaks here and there. Now, SEO marketing covers a range of techniques and content types. In fact, content marketing has been embraced by 90 percent of B2B marketers as the predominate strategy for lasting, organic SEO. (more…)

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