Search Marketing (SEO)

Search marketing – AKA SEO, search engine optimization, website optimization and more – isn’t as easy as it can sometimes sound, but it’s also not black magic.

Be informed. Take the time to learn at least the basics of search marketing from the experts, so you know when you’re being sold snake oil. We get a little technical at times with our search marketing articles, but we’ll walk you through it.

SEO Verticals: Fitness Brand SEO

Using SEO To Build A Fitness Brand

Vertical search optimization, or vertical SEO, is the practice of targeting a specific category or type of industry. This post is a perfect example, focusing on SEO specifically for the fitness industry. As you read through our guest post, consider how else you might take your fitness brand to the top of your industry in ranking, traffic and conversions.
SEO Site Audits: Key Elements that Make a Difference | Level343

Site Audits: Key Elements that Make a Difference

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the SEO of your online presence is vital. Yet, if an SEO audit is mentioned, the first question is often, "Why do I need an audit of my website? I've optimized it already." In the context of marketing, there are specific indicators that a strategy is working well. Examples are the presence of organic visitors and the effective use of links. One of the ways to ensure that the site is on track is to implement an SEO audit.