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Gabriella Sannino

Gabriella was born in Pistoia, Italy, a small town outside of Florence. She grew up in Beirut, Lebanon, where she picked up her love of middle eastern influences that can still be seen in her every day life.

She was introduced to the digital space during the dotcom years in San Francisco, California. It was during those early years she realised businesses of all shapes and sizes, in all countries and industries had to put their website and social activities on the Internet map of success.

Her passion is building brands through social media marketing techniques while providing relevant copywriting; thus allowing the business presence to seamlessly integrate within an overall organic SEO strategy. She was instrumental in writing an SEO book, “The Internet” by Ann Kaplan.

Sante J Achille

Sante Achille

Sante Achille lives in Italy and works out of a small medieval town called L’Aquila, one hour east of Rome. After acquiring a degree in engineering in 1986, he worked for major aerospace companies as a design engineer. 

In 1991 he joined the European Space Agency as a project management team member. In 1993, he was introduced to the World Wide Web and took an interest to the technology and the far reaching implications it would have on society. 

Today he is a professional search marketing consultant to Industries and regional governments with 17 years of hands on working experience, and provides consulting services in partnership with major Italian web agencies: Web Certain (UK), and Nordic eMarketing (Iceland). 

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