The death of….Guest Blogging


It’s time to plan another funeral, this time not for SEO itself but for a popular SEO strategy: guest blogging. Before you break out the black dress (or suit for our gentlemen friends), let’s take a look at the facts. Google’s Matt Cutts recently said: “Stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done,” As […]

Create Google+ Buzz


Just a quick little post today but don’t be fooled by its size.  There are some great tips here! Whether you hopped onto Google+ because of the Publisher/Authorship tags or because you heard it’s important for the future of your site, you are there now and it’s time to take action!  Once you’ve got your […]

When Social Media Goes Public, Who Is Served?


A couple of months ago, I posted “Has Google Gone Evil or Is It Just Wicked Smart?”, discussing Google’s duplicity as a public internet company seeking to serve both its users and stockholders. Citing Seth Godin’s post regarding Google’s plan for “shared endorsements”, I noted: The larger point Godin makes is the conundrum inherent to […]

Has Google Gone Evil or Is It Just Wicked Smart?


Seth Godin’s recent post “Is Google jumping the shark?” got me thinking. A lot. In his post (and I liberally paraphrase), Godin cites Google’s betrayal of its signature “don’t be evil” policy with a couple of its more recent, notable offenses. Specifically, he points to its being found to have circumvented privacy settings to hack […]

Using Google’s Search Operators to Drill Deep

Hidden Fruit

Whether you’re doing a site audit, keyword research or checking up on your competition, sometimes you’ll find yourself looking for particular items that may at first seem difficult or very time consuming to find. Enter: Google’s search operators. I’m sure most of you already know how to use the site: operator to see if a […]

7 Tips To Boost your B2B Efforts on Google Plus

Stories at Work

Social media networks are a great way to boost your global B2B efforts and supplement business campaigns. With the variety now available, there’s no excuse for a lack of international business-to-business communication. Leaving out the small timers, think about the major players: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Using just these five, you have […]

Become an SEO Warrior: How Do You Get the Low Down on SEO?

SEO Chicken

So, you’ve finally decided you want to learn all you can about SEO. Now what? Where do you go? How do you know that where you are is the right place to be? The last thing you want to do is waste your time and money buying into a bunch of SEO bull. So… where do you go to get the real low down? You find a a room full of SEO and patent geeks! Of course, when you first step in, it’s going to sound like a foreign language. You might hear things like:

Internet Marketing from the Non-Marketer’s Point of View

Internet Marketing

There’s a notable difference between the outlook of those in the internet marketing industry and those who aren’t. This difference became very noticeable to us when Google Plus came out. It seemed that everyone was talking about Google’s new social platform. G+ news, opinions and how-to’s were everywhere.

Lead Generation Through Facebook

After all the Google Plus hoopla (and a few posts of our own), it seemed only right, fair and equal to spend a little time on Facebook. Of course, it helps that we had a specific request for this article. A pro pos to this post, the request came from a Facebook fan – can’t beat that for on topic! Before getting deep into lead generation facts here, I’d like to mention a fantastic Facebook page to inspire you and show you what’s possible. Facebook isn’t just about posting status updates; you can do that anywhere. In fact, some businesses use FB as their only place of online business.

Building Campaigns Around Key Words and Phrases: SEO, Marketing, Social Media

Building Campaigns

As SEO professionals, copywriters and all around mad-crazy marketing gals, we get to think about fancy things like, “How are we going to use this keyword without totally bollixing the whole marketing aspect?” That’s always a fun consideration.