In Memorial of Keyword Data 2005 – 2013 RIP


Friends of Keyword Data were saddened to learn of his passing on September 24th, 2013 in Mountain View California, after a lingering illness related to encrypted search, but exact details of his passing were Not Provided. Keyword Data was a lifelong employee of Google, Inc. where he was employed at his passing. He is survived […]

Effective Keyword List


It’s no surprise that searching online has become second nature for most people on the planet. Whether you’re looking for your personal needs like shopping or looking for a business/service. You no longer have to pick up the yellow pages or a phone book in order to find what you want. Back in the late […]

Competitive Intelligence: Getting the Skinny on Your Competition


Competitive Intelligence, or CI, is something you can’t do without if you’re going to have an online business. As well, it’s something you or your SEO specialist had better be doing; you have to know your competition before you ever have a chance of beating them. (Recommended reading: Competitive Intelligence Advantage: How to Minimize Risk, […]

Semantics and Relevance: Even Keywords Need Support Sometimes

Keywords dice

In content, you have synonyms, plurals and related terms. When you read a sentence, you get the meaning of a word based on the context. You get the meaning of the sentence based on the surrounding sentences. In fact, a lot of our reading comprehension doesn’t come because we’re walking dictionaries, but because we use surrounding information to support our understanding of the written word.

Just How Important Are Domains for Keyword Ranking?

Word snippets

You’re setting up your website. You already know you’re going to pay a professional SEO specialist to perform the complete kit-n-SEO-kaboodle, you just haven’t hired anybody yet. Now, you’re pretty sure you read something about domains being important for the process, but how important is it? … and what’s a domain?

SEO Campaigns and the Ever Essential Benchmark

Winning the race

Winning the Business Race We’ve all been there. You have this sweet SEO campaign planned out to the nth degree. You’ve put it into motion. You’re sure it’s going to: Increase your traffic; Boost your ranking; Boost your ROI (Return on Investment). Problem: After three months, your ROI is still a sinking ship. Your ranking seems to have a severe lack of motivation; it hasn’t even tried to move. Worse yet, your visitors have the attention spans of guppies, staying only long enough for the site to load – if you have visitors at all.

Using Google Web Analytics to Check Your SEO Campaign: Keywords

Google Analytics

Now, in the SEO industry, Google Web Analytics is a touchy subject. So, for those in the industry who feel the need to yell and rant because I’m adding “Google” to the title, yell on, while I talk to the target audience. Because, you see, GA is a free analytics platform. Thus, it’s widely used […]

Search Engine Optimization – Long Tail or Short Tail?

Short Tail Long tail

When doing your own search engine optimization, you can always find plenty of articles on how to research keywords. You can find tons of tools as well, such as WordTracker and the Google keyword tool. What you get is a list of potential keywords, information on how often they’re searched and, basically, whether they’d be […]

Finding Keywords for SEO: How Long Does This Take?

Starting Your Search

One of the search terms that hit our site was “minimum amount of time to find keywords for SEO”. Somewhere out there, someone is trying to find out the shortest amount of time this part of the campaign will take. Sadly enough, this means they’re probably not taking SEO seriously, or believe optimization is a […]

6 Ways SEO Copywriting Services Work for You

Saving Time Tunnel

SEO copywriting services – the designation is quite a mouthful. If you can write, these services may also sound like a waste of good money. After all, why have someone write for you when you’re perfectly capable of providing your own content (or copy)? However, SEO copywriting services do make a difference, and in very […]