Post-Penguin Linking with Debra Mastaler – [video]


Having Debra Mastaler join us via our Level Headed Marketing 2013 Google Hangouts was a treat, not just for me, but also for our listeners and readers alike. If you’ve ever met or heard Debra speak, you can’t help but enjoy listening to her no-nonsense approach of creating connections for clients.  Maybe it’s her southern […]

Lawyers, Links and Money

Links & Lawyers

Sometimes it can be a tough venture to come up with ideas for link building to a lawyer site. These aren’t exactly the types of sites that attract links on their own. As some might put it, lawyer sites are among the worst on the web. Often they are the most promotional and hard pressed […]

Link Analysis


Website owners are on a never ending quest for insight into what makes Google tick.  Keeping your site on top is crucial for your business and keeping up with Google changes is more than a full time job. Our goal here is to make things just a little bit easier for you, by breaking down […]

Never Compromise


I have yet to see Meryl Streep’s movie The Iron Lady, but I noticed a poster as I was walking Lucy (Level343’s official mascot!) this morning. “Never Compromise” jumped out of the poster at me. Isn’t that the truth; it’s something I’ve been struggling with for the past year as I continue to run and […]

Continuing the Conversation: Comment Spam vs. Comment Links

Recently, we posted Comment Spam vs. Comment Links: What’s the Difference? and received some great comments based on our readers’ opinions. Ironically, one commenter proved the point we were trying to make, about how links in comments can enhance a conversation without being spam.

Article Marketing – Grabbing Links With Content

News Flash

When you ask about getting links for your organic SEO marketing, you’re often told to start article writing – but is it an easy way to get links? Well, sure – but is it an easy way to get traffic? Yes, if you’re good at it. No, if you churn out poorly written articles with […]

8 Characteristics of High Quality Links

High Quality Links

SEOs talk a lot about “high quality” links. “High quality links are a great way to gain traffic and site authority”. Do they ever explain what defines “high quality”? Are you frustrated by trying to figure what this elusive breed of link is? In this article, we’re taking away the frustration by sharing eight characteristics […]

Is Your SEO Campaign Missing Something?

Water Candles

Uploading a useful and well-crafted article on the Net without search engine optimization is like getting ready for your Oscar debut and remaining hidden in the closet. Unless your clients come to your house, peek inside the closet to find you and spread the word, the chances of you being seen are slim. The same […]

Grabbing Your Fair Catch of the Social Networking Market

Grab Your Share

In 2010, many of the “Big Boys” will be spending the same or less on their paid placements in the search engine results. Bad News for Google, Yahoo, AOL and Bing, but equally bad news for small business owners who have skipped out on paying for ads from the beginning. Why is it bad news? […]

SEO Simplified II: How Does Organic SEO Work?

Bleu Checklist

In part one of “SEO Simplified”, we talked about the differences between forced and organic SEO.  Never mind the differences, though – how does it work?  What makes it better than any other approach? Firstly, it’s user-based, not search engine based.  This is the biggest difference, and what makes all the difference.  A user-based website […]