Don’t Be a Marketing Magpie – Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome


The magpie is an interesting bird. Practically vilified in the UK and considered a sign of good fortune in Korea, this bird has influenced many cultures throughout history. Yet one universal fact remains true about this striking bird, and that is its propensity to collect shiny things. If you stumble upon a magpie’s nest, you’ll […]

Adding Gamification Strategies to Your Marketing Plan

teamwork business concept - cube assembling from blocks

Have you ever stopped to think about what makes gaming so addicting? Even if you aren’t an avid gamer, you may have experienced the situation of sitting down to play a round or two of Candy Crush or Angry Birds, only to find yourself still sitting there, iPhone in hand, hours later. Games, by their […]

Measuring Engagement and KPIs | Performance-Driven Marketing


Today, we’re diving into part 3 of our metric measurement info morsels, the Measuring Metrics series. It all began with a guest post we wrote Measuring Metrics for Success for SearchNewsCentral. When the team got together to brainstorm for the next bit of blogs, we realized that a lot more could be said about metrics, business […]

Measuring Awareness with Careful KPIs | An Info Morsel on Metrics


In Measuring Metrics for Success (SearchNewsCentral), we wrote about the standard business funnel of Awareness, Acquisition, Engagement, Conversion and Retention. We also covered how satisfaction is an integral part of each funnel stage. For the next few posts on the Level343 Article Archive, we’re going to go more in depth on individual stages of the business […]

Digital Marketing Shift and The New World Order

Digital Technology

(Manipulating the Monetary Paradigm of the Time/Space Continuum) Ladies and gentlemen, we’re at the boundary of business. We’re walking a tightrope at the forefront of technology and mining the frontier of fiber optic cyberspace. Information technology, social behavior, buyer psychology, the global economy – a slew of volatile, game-changing and disruptive changes have struck our […]

Landing Page ROI 101: Are Your Landing Pages More Like Bouncing Betties?


You’ve spent thousands of dollars on professional landing pages: professional design; professional copy; professional images. The pages drip professionalism and you’ve watched more dollar signs float out of your wallet than a bird has feathers. According to that fast talking sales person, people should be throwing money at you by now. You feverishly check your […]

Dear, Sweet Internet Marketer – Connect the Stinkin’ Dots Already


I’ve been boiling all morning long – and what does someone who blogs do, but kick out a rant? All morning, I’ve been researching marketing agencies, digging into sites, news articles and various sources to find out about them. –And that’s the whole damn point. Why, if you’re advertising yourself as any type of internet […]

Using “AIDA” Method as Part of Your Internet Marketing Strategy


You learn a lot of things in Marketing 101. Things like “Starting sales copy with negatives is a negative thing.” You learn that meeting a customer’s eyes is important, as is active listening. By the time you’re done with the course, you can sell sand to a man in the Sahara. Of all the things […]

Collective Intelligence: Humanity’s Mass Mind

Science Fiction

Science fiction stories often talk about the “Collective” – or “intelligence”, if you will – where the mass of mankind’s knowledge is accessible through a telepathic thought. While much of science fiction is still just fiction, we’re a whole lot closer to the idea of the Collective then you might think. It’s already here, in the form of the Internet. “Big deal,” you say? Ah… read on, oh lucky visitor!

Online Marketing: What Motivates Your Customers?


A vendor at the mall stopped me the other day. I don’t know if it was my frizzy, messy hair piled in a ponytail or the smile on my face, but he thought he could sell me his wares. I sat down in his chair and politely listened to the virtues of his products. He was a friendly—a great conversationalist—but I walked away empty handed.