Online Marketing For Startups


The Internet is a marketing resource that has unlimited potential. Currently, this platform and technique offers businesses the ability to create and maintain an online presence. Although startups are popping up more and more, sustaining a successful online business may require following specific guidelines. There is a massive amount of information available on the Internet. The […]

Is Your Website Ready for the Holidays? 5 Easy Strategies to Implement Now


Yes. The holiday season is upon us, and the fierce competition for consumer dollars has reached its frenzied annual peak. So now is the time to make sure your e-commerce website has that “competitive edge”. Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have come and gone, but it’s not too late to optimize your site before […]

Making Pinterest Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy


Pinterest is one of the newest players in the social media world, yet it is growing to be on par with some of the big names like Facebook and Twitter. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, however, Pinterest is primarily visually driven, with text only playing a small role in the site’s design. If you have the […]

Can You Trust a Marketing Guru?


“The Secret to Online Marketing Success” “Turn Every Prospect Into a Customer, Guaranteed!” “If You’re Not Doing This One Thing, You’ll Never Find Marketing Success” If you’ve spent much time in the world of online marketing, you’ve likely come across a marketing guru selling a program with a tagline similar to one of these. It’s […]

Google Plus Communities: More Uses Than You Might Imagine


Google Plus Communities is an excellent way to bring like-minded people together, and in fact, we can imagine these communities being able to take the place of forums. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that if a forum is vital to your business, then keeping it on your own controlled domain is better […]

Turn Your Greatest Weakness into your Greatest Strength


Every online business -for that matter, every business – has its strengths and weaknesses, and not surprisingly, the weaknesses are often common to many competitors in a niche. The business that will stand out above the others will usually be the one that has valuable strengths where the competitors are weakest. So, while it’s wise […]

25 eCommerce and Info Site Tips To Make This Holiday Season Bright


Is your website ready for this holiday season? It’s already that time of year again when stores are decorated in bright red, green and gold, with Christmas carols playing in the background. Long before anyone has time to think about Thanksgiving turkeys or holiday shopping, the season is upon us. Now is the time to […]

Handling Your Own SEO: Is It A Good Decision For You?


At least once a day, I get asked: “Should I handle my own SEO or hire someone?” It’s an important question. Everyone is trying to save money in today’s economy – but sometimes when you think you are saving money you are actually losing so much more than you save. If you are considering handling […]

Back to School eCommerce | What Are You Doing About It?

marketing mess

As a parent raising three healthy, active kids, I know “back to school” is a busy time. Between making sure everyone is registered for the school season, ensuring they all have clothes that fit (and are free of holes), and everyone is immunized, there’s barely time left to breath. However, I’m a marketer, too; I […]

Online, Digital Marketing | Power Hungry “Techsumers” Go Ape on Apps


At the beginning of this month, we wrote Digital Marketing Shift and the New World Order. I must admit, I’ve been letting fanciful titles fill my head. All apologies to those who want something original for this post like “3 Tips for Technologically Defunct Business Owners“. Anyway, we had a comment on that post from […]