Watch your step

Jack Nicholson

Webster’s Dictionary defines International Sheep Poop as OMG you should totally see your face right now. Gabriella’s invited me back, why I have no idea and for another reason yet unknown the topic has to include “international sheep poop”. I’m sure she’s laughing her head off but little does she realize once a story like […]

Don’t Let the Wrong Person Handle your Company Blog

Mosquito on Water

When you entrust your company’s image to someone, there are many things to consider. Your blog may be the first “contact” a user has with your brand, and the first impression can be just as important as when you first meet an individual. But there’s much more than that to building a personality into your […]

ORM – Keeping Your Reputation Under Control


Now you’ve done it. You’ve made someone mad and they set about on a dedicated smear campaign. Your reputation looks like someone used it as toilet paper on the biggest rear-end in history. It can happen to anyone… and everyone. Small companies, mom and pop stores, large corporations (ever seen what Green Peace can do […]