Proofing for Problems: SEO and Web Development

Life is a Beach

You’ve read all the SEO blogs out there, including this one. You’ve tried, tested, tweaked and torque your site and search marketing efforts to the best possible calibrations. You’re confident that your site is as tight as it can be, and your marketing efforts will soon pay off. But… It’s hard for a business owner […]

Local SEO: Are You Hitting Your Traffic Corridor?

X_Marks the Spot

Local SEO often brings a big ”X marks the spot” picture to mind. People see that X and say, “Yep, that’s my local area.” After all, your location is where you are, right? If you’re reading and nodding, you aren’t alone. You can bet others are doing the same thing. -And, if this is true, you have to wonder, “What will local SEO do for me?” Well, to be blunt… it can do a lot.

Reader Q&A – Are PDFs on My Site a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

PDF or Not?

I’ve heard PDFs might be bad for my site SEO, and I have a lot of them. I’ve considered switching them to pages, but it’s a big endeavor. What should I do? Pete R., Davenport That’s a great question, Pete. Thanks for writing in. As a short answer, we don’t recommend spending the man-hours and/or monetary resources turning your PDFs into HTML pages just for SEO. There are better ways to go about it…

7 Tips for Optimizing in Google’s Vertical Search Spaces


It used to be you only had one search to target – the main search page. If you wanted to rank for a specific term, you could only rank on the regular SERPs. Now, you have plenty of places on the search engines you can target. Images, blogs, discussions, real time search, Places and videos […]

Can I Just Do On Page SEO and Tell Off Page to Take a Hike?

Onpage SEO

Um. No. You see… well, let’s start from the beginning. On page SEO is that stuff you do to your website. It’s the meta tags, the image alt tags, the content headers. It’s the careful thought put into content, keyword placement, how you write your anchor links and what words you use. On page SEO […]

SEO is Dead, Long Live SEO

Every time Google gets a wild hair and decides to change something about their search engine, it’s like a green flag for negative posts about SEO. The laughs just roll in: SEO is dead, SEO is cheating, How I got screwed by SEO… As an SEO, I can honestly say it irks me, to put it mildly. Not because these posts down an industry I’m proud to be a part of – I have a thicker skin than that –, but because of all the hours we have to put in… again.

The 12 Steps of SEO

12 Steps

Plenty of people don’t really get how to do search engine optimization. Even a lot of the professional SEO specialists out there are so caught up in their mathematical manipulations that they forget the basics.  Here are twelve steps to doing solid, long lasting SEO, and they’re not all that hard. Step 1: Do a […]