Are Google Upgrades Killing Professional SEO Specialists?


The latest Google algorithm updates floored many professional SEO specialists; Google has been awarded a patent for language personalization.  The move to personalization will allow Google to present more results that are relevant to the user, and possibly less clicks to your website.  What this also might mean is the end of Google PageRank.  All […]

Low ROI, No ROI: Your Landing Page May Be Landing You in the Red

Swing Low Chart

You’ve spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on professional SEO services; they’ve redesigned your entire site. You now have several pages of great, informative SEO content and hundreds of links; you’re ranking on the SERP (search engine results page) at number three. Top o’ the world, ma! So why are you getting low, or no […]

Professional SEO Services Reassessing SEO Blogs – Outdated and Outdone?

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The number of frequently updated SEO blogs is dropping, and professional SEO services are looking for the reasons why. The main reasons seem to be Web 3.0 and short message services (SMS). While SEO blogs will survive for at least a little while longer, the question of “how long” remains. What are Web 3.0 and […]

The Dirt on Professional SEO Services and Page Rank: Four Major Misconceptions

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Let’s clear up a few misconceptions that your professional SEO services may not have explained about PageRank (PR): #1:  PageRank is the ranking on Google’s search engine. It isn’t. Simply put, PR is an indication of how important one page is to the Web.  Google decides this by calculating the quality and relevance of the […]