Landing Page ROI 101: Are Your Landing Pages More Like Bouncing Betties?


You’ve spent thousands of dollars on professional landing pages: professional design; professional copy; professional images. The pages drip professionalism and you’ve watched more dollar signs float out of your wallet than a bird has feathers. According to that fast talking sales person, people should be throwing money at you by now. You feverishly check your […]

What’s the REAL Deal on Social Media ROI?


A lot of people want to know the ROI of social media. It takes a lot of time and energy for social; a wispy, ethereal answer of returns for that investment just isn’t satisfying. Unfortunately, the ROI of social media is much like the ROI of anything else. How much… depends.

Marketing Online – What Was That ROI Formula Again?

Rainbow numbers

You know ROI is a measure of your company’s success, but do you know how to go about measuring ROI? Questions plague you at night, “How do I get the most ROI? Shouldn’t I already be seeing returns? Maybe I should stop this approach and move to a new one…” Dr. Peter Drucker, Medal of […]

There’s No ROI In Owning an Efin iPhone!

No ROI On Social

We read a lot of stories that talk about how companies are joining social media by the droves, but are they really? I mean, what are they doing? If all they’re doing is opening social accounts and sitting on their professional graveyards, is this really joining social media? I think not. A recent YouTube video, […]

Website Metrics: Your Business Site is in Good Condition – What Now?

Killer Metrics

You’ve taken your website through the evaluation process. Maybe you found some things that need to be changed; maybe you were lucky and found that your site was already well prepared. Either way, you’ll eventually have to dig in to the metrics and make sure things are happening like they’re “supposed” to.

Landing Page ROI – Getting Money to Fall Back into Your Pocket


If you look at business in terms of the Internet and long term, you have to realize the winner isn’t chosen by how much traffic they bring in, but by their return on investment (ROI). While you can buy traffic, steal traffic and cheat traffic with non-ethical techniques, the question is, does that traffic convert?

Low ROI, No ROI: Your Landing Page May Be Landing You in the Red

Swing Low Chart

You’ve spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on professional SEO services; they’ve redesigned your entire site. You now have several pages of great, informative SEO content and hundreds of links; you’re ranking on the SERP (search engine results page) at number three. Top o’ the world, ma! So why are you getting low, or no […]