Building Campaigns Around Key Words and Phrases: SEO, Marketing, Social Media

Building Campaigns

As SEO professionals, copywriters and all around mad-crazy marketing gals, we get to think about fancy things like, “How are we going to use this keyword without totally bollixing the whole marketing aspect?” That’s always a fun consideration.

Great SEO copy doesn’t just happen it has to be created

Brain Activity

When writing SEO copy for yourself or a client understanding their market is very important. It takes certain keywords from the client and certain creativity from the copywriter to blend the two. SEO is becoming a very specialized field. Like the era soon we will be saturated with SEO experts and basically no one […]

Do-It-Yourself SEO: A Beginner’s Checklist


As a do-it-yourself SEO content developer, I hope to give you useful information from my own experience about how you should and should not use SEO for your website. Whether you have an SEO team working with you or are doing this by yourself, here are some more tips on how to promote your website […]

Search-Engine Marketing


This is the dreaded truth about SEM. These days, search-engine marketing provide several beneficial opportunities to not only the marketers but also to millions of Internet users. Search-engine marketing is the easiest way to look for information, products and an excellent method for advertisers to locate and acquire potential customers. But it’s not easy enough […]

Basic SEO rich Content

Typewriter keys

Not sure if most of you know but when writing an article and then submitting it or a blog the most important keyword will be found in your title. This is a known fact. For example when you look in a bookstore to buy a new novel it’s the title that attracts the buyer. Then […]